My Favorite thread is gone. :(


Large Filipino

Anyone know which tread I'm taking about? It's the Sabrina thread where the boys got together here and stretched Augi's bike. Now I can't find it.
That's my most favorite thread here cause it showed how a bunch of guys meet up on the internet then get together and do something amazing.
Man I hope that thread isn't gone with the wind.
My Motoredbike. Look at it. It's just a bicycle. With a cheap Happy Time forged from wood and probably cats and rats from China I get it.
I mean whats up with all this? So what if this bike has an engine? Any moped can outrun and outlast this thing any day of the week. What's the deal here?
I'll tell you what's the deal. When I look at my bike I see a history. I see a memory. Every run. EVERY SINGLE RUN. I see where I used a sledge hammer to get that frame skinny enough so my front mount will fit without drilling. I see a green stain on my frame for that time that I had a flat with no spare 10 miles away from anywhere so I stuffed my tire full of grass till the chloroform got all over my bike and clothes when riding. I see where I made all my mods and remember the sheer EXCITEMENT of sharing my discoveries to everyone that cared. You know,I can really go on and on here but you all should get what I'm talking about.
Before I got into this motorsport,I went thru a quintuple bypass operation. I got thru it all thanks to my wife and kids and my brothers,mom and dad. Then soon after I lose my job of 15 years where I worked with the Developmentally Disabled to this day I still cannot fully understand as to the why. I can only speculate that some there were not comfortable with working with a man that had such a major operation. But in any event,I was let go over a supervisor's's been fought long and hard...bottom line...I'm no longer there.
But I still make okay with my host home. I've been a host home provider for a while now taking care of a Developmentally Disabled man and it pays the bills. In the morning when he goes to Day program I'll do the housework for my wife works hard at night and now even harder for she has to carry our insurance now.
So with all that extra time in my hands,it didn't matter how much work I got done around the house. I felt betrayed by my job I felt like they were my family and they just threw me in the trash. I felt utterly WORTHLESS.
I'm 43 years old. I'm too young to retire. My host home obligation prevents me from finding another job for I have to be ready for any emergencies that come up with him. Before I was let go,he was also my student so he went to work and back with me it was a sweet deal.
So bored out of mind and EXTREMELY depressed (I miss my boys,man) I started messing around the computer and checked out...yes. It was TOM's video. I'm not kidding you. Tom was showing off his Motoredbike and I had to have one.
Would you believe that wasn't even a year ago? That was I believe August of last year when I watched Tom's video. Man,this whole thing. The building of my bike,the friends I've met here,meeting Papausan when he googled my address and showed up at my doorstep with his amazing trike. The memories I've shared and more to come I can't wait for summer.
Maybe by the end of this year I'll build me an other bike. Another joy. Another memory.
I'm feeling really blue right now when it comes to Augi. I loved reading about his adventures,friends...his life went in here.
Imagine how he's feeling right now every time he looks at his bikes. Seriously,I mean I don't know this man;I've never met him. But when I look at my bike and give it that STARE that seemingly can go for hours sometimes my mind wanders to all the fun trips I've taken it to.
I can't even think about what Augi's going thru. Never mind the drama around here. Forget all that. I hope things will fall well in the end. Cause I think we are ALL....BROTHERHOOD.



Zomby Builder

Federal Heights

Hey Large, I was in Denver last week & saw somebody riding a MB from a distance from the Freeway on a road in Fed Heights. Was that you???