My finalised 4-stroke Cruiser

I've finally got the 4-stroke running sweet. Tried a 44t sprocket - fast but useless on hills. The 56T was too slow and not that good on hills either so finally I've settled for a 48T sprocket which cruises fast on flat but I have to pedal hard on hills - sometimes very hard! The 50cc just hasn't got pulling power on hills but I still gets to most destinations in 40% of the time the HT 70cc took. I tried the big tank and then went back to the old HT tank cos it's prettier. Looks are important to me and I ride alone along lovely lonely roads hanging my leg out on corners and making Ducati burble noises with only the cows laughing at me. The long silencer was a good buy and it sounds like a 4-stroke. The gearbox is behaving well with only lithium grease and isn't noisy. The bike is much quieter and has a good environmental footprint and I have been asked to build 2 more and expect to be quite busy soon with orders. The next ones will be almost the same but will have Honda GXH motors and not the chinese copy. The onlly remaining problem that I've never solved is a good night light that costs less than the bike & motor. I need lithium ion battery, smart plug & leave charger and really bright HID light or maybe just halogen. The good ones from UK cost over $2300 Aussie and the good one I have by Planet Bike is not made any more. I've tried cheaper lights and they are no good. Lighting is my big problem cos I live in a very dark place with big snakes on the road at night. Anyway here are the pics. I call her the Fosscati FG4 'Indian Pacific' and she licks all the HTs I've ever had. But then I've never had something like a Whizzer.


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Apr 4, 2008
John, she is a real beauty. I had a very hard time seeing the bicycle in those photos - I was too enamoured with the beautiful scenery. Were those shots taken near your home? I am in flat, landlocked, Kansas - I would love to take a ride where you live!!!

Great build!




Nice bike- it's been a pleasure to converse with you while be both figured out our 4 stroke setups.