My first and last motorized bike.

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    I bought a bike motor from sears about 20 years ago..It didn't last long. It was soon dropped from the sears cataloge and was made by a Japanees company. It was a 22cc two stroke that mounted over the front wheel. It had a long black balled throw leaver that ingaged a rubber cog to directly contact the front wheel. It looked like a flat lunch box that was white with a red and blue stripe on it. I rode it awile untill I think I mixed too much oil in with the gas..It quit and took it to sears and asked them to fix it. It came back after months of being in the shop with a much larger spark plug and still didn't work. I threw it away. I think people thought I was crazy when I rode it around town and it gave me a bad name. Never had another and after I lost my job couldn't find another so moved to a big city..With the price of oil spiking, this may have changed..Don't know...I think the laws in texas only alow a twenty-two cc engine...I wish they could be bigger and would alow double the cc's for 4-strokes. I wish we could all lobby to up-date the laws in the U.S. and have the best laws more motorized bycicles...

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    hi glidder; welcome. i think those were called taz or bike bug. they served their purpose in the states and were heavily used in europe and japan after ww11.