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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Karryhunt, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. Karryhunt

    Karryhunt Member

    Well, I'll be 71 soon and always wanted to ride something with a motor. Check her out.....she's stealthy and the fastest in the neighborhood. :helmet:




  2. professor

    professor Active Member

    Hi Kerry, welcome to Motoredbikes! Very neat and clean. I would like to see some front brakes on it though.
  3. Karryhunt

    Karryhunt Member

    I was thinking about removing the front fender and using my foot.....JK. I agree with you but how would you set it up.....being new to this....I have my left hand on the clutch ready to neurtal, the right hand is on the throttle ready to slow down. I need a third arm. The foot is looking better all the time.
  4. PatrickW

    PatrickW Staff Member

    Uuuuh...71,eh, Karry? All I can say is that if you built that Black Beauty, you did a magnificent job, right down to the paint job! It is gorgeous, and certainly must be the envy of a lot of people. Very, very nice!
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  5. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    Get a dual pull brake lever, run a cable to both front and rear. Pretty straight forward.

    Welcome aboard. I gotta say, that is one of the cleanest and most straight forwardly minimalist installs I've seen. It only needs one more touch (besides a front brake) in my opinion - that engine, rear sprocket, chain tensioner, and exhaust needs to be a flat black as well.

    Nice work, KH.
  6. rolltide13

    rolltide13 New Member

    Great looking build, what kind of bike is that and what engine kit did you purchase?
  7. Karryhunt

    Karryhunt Member

    Its a Trek Cruiser Classic with the 48 cc Cheap kit ($100) that I purchased locally from a guy named Donny. I like it.
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  8. seth.brazell

    seth.brazell New Member

    wow that looks great, good job!