My first bike "build" BMX/moto

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    Hard to find any sites for things like this. Consider me a black sheep if you must. :goofy:
    Info about the moto...
    Gas in-frame chassis.
    Front and rear suspension.
    Four stroke four speed auto clutch Honda clone Lifan engine.
    Surmey Archer front drum with 14 gauage spokes. (since they are intended for large diameter wheels... it works quite well with 20" wheels.
    Altered Shimano aluminum hub with 12 gauage spokes.
    25mm rear axle.
    37t rear sprocket.
    420 chain.
    Weinmann rims.
    Bicycle rear rim brake. (I hardly ever use the rear but I do have plans for a possible rear disk or using the rear sprocket as a sprotor.)
    To do: muffler, new brake light.....
    Im rebuilding it now after testing this past summer with a 50cc engine.
    Uh.... Thats about it. :thinking:

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    First, I looked over your really looks good...actually, it is excellent. Second,Welcome to MBc; you will not regret joining our band of dedicated motored bikers. Be sure to read the 'Sticky Note Posts' at the beginning of each Forum; especially this one. We have a very good search function; most everything that has to do with motors, bikes, or motored bikes have already been asked and answered; just search for the 'Key Words'. If you get terminally stumped on something, post your problem in the proper Forum and you will get an answer. Good Luck, and keep us posted on the progress of any of your future builds.
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    Thanks Patrick. Panzerfaust - Google it.
    I will keep you posted. Great site.