My first Bike Build

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  1. Fyre Koiss

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    It is finally finished. After two days of labor, here she is. First try starting didn't go so well, turned out it was a carb adjustment. Now she runs great! Have to make some adjustments to the chain guard since it rubs the tire, so it's not on yet... hope to have it on soon though.

    I know she isn't the prettiest bike on the boards... but the feeling I got when that motor turned over and she started cruising is all that matters. I don't care if she goes 60 or 15. All that matters is she goes. I thank everyone who gave me advise on this, as they helped lead me to that special moment when she purred to life.

    Thanks again, and Happy Riding everyone!

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  2. Bzura

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    Congrats on your first build. It sure is a great feeling bringing these little engines to life. I have felt it on every one of my builds. I tried to explain it to my wife, but she just doesn't get it.

    A couple things you may already know:
    Properly breaking in the engine will ensure a longer engine life & smoother running engine.
    Your engine will continue to run better & better as you break it in & run it.
    Wide Open Throttle is fun, but do not ride for long periods of time with it wide open. It will cause premature death of that HT.

    Hope you have as much fun as I do on mine!
  3. Fyre Koiss

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    Yeah I'm taking it easy on it right now. My speedo is having some issues and resets every time I start the engine, but my old lady followed me in the car while I was at half throttle and put me at 15mph. That's as fast as I have gone so far.