my first bike (stingray)

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by BigFella, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. BigFella

    BigFella Member

    here it is finished in its stock form 80cc(60 to 70cc)it was fun to do the instruction you get with the kits are all right to use but its simple to work out(as most of you guys would know)

    i used the engine mount from Barry B Wallace and im all so getting his cooooooool Exhaust he makes this week

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  2. s_beaudry

    s_beaudry Member

    Nice ride!

    I like the fat tire on the rear....
  3. stude13

    stude13 Active Member

    hi big; do you have a brake on the front? if so from where and a close up please.
  4. levsmith

    levsmith Member


    if your talking about the cable going down the front fork, i think that is for the speedometer. it looks like it goes right to the speedometer in the second pic. anyone know where to get a speedometer like that?
  5. BigFella

    BigFella Member

    i dont have a front brake it is a speedo cable that you see

    i got the speedo off ebay $9 new

    ill get a better pic tomorrow

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  6. B.K. Hosken

    B.K. Hosken Member

    How comfy is that seat? I was looking for a cruiser to put my motor on, but if that seat is easy on the butt for long distance, I will look for a Stingray. Much cooler looking.
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  7. BigFella

    BigFella Member

    the seats are great

    just some goods today

    fuel filter, new Exhaust fuel gasket for my fuel neck(i removed the small filter from neck)and a o ring for the carby
    new fuel line

    and for some reason the the top half of the line wont fill up with fuel it stays half full

    tomorrow i will get a new spark plug lead and neck

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  8. were did you get the tires?
  9. BigFella

    BigFella Member

    before and after shots with the Exhaust

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  10. those arnt the stock ones are they?
  11. BigFella

    BigFella Member

    the tires are
  12. arent they sopposed to say stingray on them? my tires arent like that ive got the v tread on mine
  13. BigFella

    BigFella Member

    sorry thats right these ones are from my other bike i think its called a magnam its a copy
  14. a schwinn copy?
    those tires look like they have less rolling resistance than the stock v tread on the stingrays
  15. wanger

    wanger Guest

    have a look at my chopper in my profile 2 see a good chainline under bottom of frame

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  16. whats under your seat wanger?
  17. wanger

    wanger Guest

    battery for lights its 7am and just got home from work -1 degrees c notice the frost
  18. wow i wouldnt ride in that cold of weather, my bike would be to loose and i would be to cold!
  19. BigFella

    BigFella Member

    thats one wild ride there Wanger

    i like the way mine is set up it dosent rub on any thingand the angle of the motor sits differant ,im not sure how long it will last befoer it stretches
  20. wanger

    wanger Guest

    zbox stock chain almost immediately :cry: