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my first bike



this is the first motoredbike i put togther about 4 months ago it went from 30k's to 0 when a car door opened up in front of me broke the front light
put a dent in the exhaust and broke my hand but it still started first try
after :)




I noticed that you have a chain tensioner for the drive chain that is just like the ones on the pedal chain. Where did you get it, and how did you know it would fit/work?
Genious by the way.

Jim H

Now that's a chain tensioner I can live with; nice fab rod!


hey, where did you get that chain tensioner??? i wouldnt mind havin one myself, its a great concept:cool:



chain tensioner and exhuast

i've put a post up about the chain tensioners in mech help
i got the idea from single speed tensioners for bmx mtb flip flop single speed hub setups
i got the exhuast off ebay
i've brought the exhuast 2 motors and a few other bits from him
check out his site
you should check this out too
$45 for the exhaust its called a long pp street exhuast
he also has the grubee heavy duty rear hub for $79 both aussie dollars
first place i've seen that sells the hubs if you can't get em in the US
maybe you guys in the US can get together and do a deal with him and save on a bulk lot and postage ( i love a deal :eek:)
if ya do get one of these exhuasts you may need to make a clamp for it like
the one in the closeup of the chain idler the clamp half on the inside is the same except it has a slot in the middle and is mounted opposite end up so it adjusts to any angle/gap the one that comes with the exhuast is not real good
the exhaust is pretty quiet/smooth and is also behind you so you really notice the difference but the biggest thing is it does'nt spray oil all over the bottom rear half of the bike that you REALLY notice :cool:.
i did'nt have to but depending on your setup you may have to tweek it a bit to get it to miss cranks/chain tensioner/everything else:confused: