my first bike

nice ride! hey, seeing a suside shift made me want to make one, or find a "bolt on" sort of way to mount some of my dad's harleys old foot rests and foot shifter so did u weld or get a bolt on? thanks love the ride! pm me so we dont go off topic

i took the old cruiser handlebars that were on the bike, before i went with the apes, cut them to the height i wanted it and welded it on, that way i knew the clutch lever would have no prob bolting on cause there old handlebars....dont know how to pm lol

Woah dude that suicide lever is BANK!
I gotta get me a welder.
Anything that will make your ride more personalized will make it a little less stealable.
And you don't need to fish for special lenght cables and it really cleans things up on the ape hangers.
I got to copy that idea some day.
I got to build me another bike.
It needs to look like yours!
Wow! man i love the suicide shift. I had put one on one of my mini choppers. Never thought of your idea. Good job! graucho


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