My first build - 49cc on a Toys R Us MTB

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    Here it is... my first MB...
    The kit was bought from eBay seller gasbikeshop, it's a 49cc slant head.
    The bike was bought at toys r us for $120, it's a Tech Team Catalyst and requires almost no modification, although the seat post is a little large for the mount... (should I be worried aboout the mount cracking?)

    My only complaint so far is that no matter what I do the chain is a little "jumpy" on the rear sprocket, but it hasn't come off when I was riding it as a regular bike. I don't even know if it starts yet, but I guess I'll find out today.

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  2. Wheres my dog

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    Nice clean build, and not a bad looking bike for ~ $120 either!

    Careful of that chain coming off when riding fast(er).... safety first!
  3. jesse52

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    Thanks, It was quite the thing to build. The bike itself is almost too small to hold the engine, and the carburetor presses up against the seat post, meaning you would have to remove the engine to remove the carb unfortunately.

    I got around to testing it out yesterday. It runs thank goodness, however, without any knowledge I believe that it is misfiring, and after a closer spark plug inspection it appears that it has a very wide gap. Also, it didn't idle, but that's probably because I had the choke way up and didn't put it down once it was started. I'm going to replace the spark plug when I get the chance just because I've heard the cheap stock one is crappy.

    Any suggestions would be well appreciated.
  4. jesse52

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    Oh... and also what would you suggest doing with the chain to ensure it doesn't come off?