My first build and daily commuter

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    Hi All,

    Here is my first ever MB and what I'm using to get to work almost every single day now.

    These first few images give you a general feel of the bike.

    Things to note: I have a headlight, turn signals, and speedometer on the front handlebars. My rear tire is a street tire while my front is a MTB tire. The reason for this is better traction on the road from the back wheel, while still getting awesome control for turns on bumpy pavement from the front tire.
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    Are you still in the Army?
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    Wheelbender6, I'm actually not in the service. However, I have the Army star on my bike In support of my brother, who is currently serving in Afghanistan as a Captain in the Army. He's in the field, and serving our country every day. He has inspired me throughout my life and I look up to him and love him! That's why I have the star. I pray all the time he makes it back home safe to his wife and the rest of his family.