Chains My first build - chain alignment is giving me fits!

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by jefuchs, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. jefuchs

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    I'm starting to understand why that guy threw his bike in a dumpster... and I haven't even ridden my bike yet.

    Installing the motor was fairly straightforward, but it took a long time because I had to assemble the new bike, and shop for hardware that you guys recommended. I took my time, and it looks good.

    But the darned thing doesn't work!!!

    I aligned the chain as well as I physically could, but when I roll the bike, it still goes "clunk, clunk, clunk" in the clutch because it's still out of line. I shined a flashlight into the underside of the clutch and it appears that the chain is still off by two or three degrees. There's no way to move the chain any farther, so I'm thinking that my only fix will be to rotate the engine a couple of degrees until the chain is in line with the clutch sprocket. The motor mounts are designed to only mount in one spot, but I think I can improvise that.

    When I can get the thing rolling along, and I engage the clutch, the chain freezes up and the bike screeches to a halt. I still don't even know if my motor works at all, because all I have accomplished is to make skid marks on the spots where I've tried to start the motor.

    Anybody else have troubles like this? I'll keep plugging away and post my progress.

    (BTW: this new Schwinn has a worthless kick stand that will not support the bike at all, so I'm constantly frustrated by trying to keep the bike upright and work on it at the same time. But that's another story. New two-footed kick stand has been ordered.)

  2. dougsr.874

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    Make sure the rear sprocket is dished OUT....move the tensioner in or out if necessary....take the plug out of the engine, elevate the rear wheel and see whats happening with chain....there are no hard & fast rules to installing these do whatever is necessary.....remember the ads where you bought this kit.....this kit can be installed in 2 or 3 hrs with a hammer, pliers, and screwdriver....dont fall for that line...more like all day to install it then another couple of days to get it to work.....Best of luck to ya.
  3. BchCruizer

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    I dont why they gotta make those things so complicated! It took me 15 min to install my kit and i haven't had any problems since. I hope you get that thing figured out! Theres alot of helpful people on here im sure they can guide you in the right direction!
  4. motorpsycho

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    take the spark plug out and make sure that you can rotate the engine by hand (or by rolling the bike with the clutch out).
    if the engine doesn't turn (piston going up and down) it's possible that you got a lemon engine that is locked up.
  5. Samdallas214

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    Post picture of you chain/clutch problem would make it easier to help
  6. jefuchs

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    I think i know what my problem might be.

    As I said in the "Introduce Yourself" forum, I am physically handicapped, and I think that's one factor here.

    I noticed that the bike wasn't easy to pedal in the first place, then I realized why. My old bike is a 21 speed and very easy for me to ride. It has three different sized sprockets at the pedal, and I only use the two small ones. I've used the third one but only rarely, and under ideal circumstances.

    So guess what. The new bike is a seven speed and has only one sprocket in the front, and it's the size of the one I never use on my old bike. So I was starting off at the equivalent of speed #15 on my old bike.

    So I was trying to get the bike going with very weak power, and to top it off I tried to start it on a gravel driveway, so when the clutch was engaged, and the engine's compression pushed against me, the bike tire only skidded on the gravel.

    So I've ordered a smaller chainwheel, and I'm pretty sure it will help. I've also bookmarked an even smaller one, and I'll buy that one if it's necessary.

    As for the chain alignment. I've gotten it where I want it, and if it slips I'll deal with it then.

    Oddly, I happened to watch this video this morning (I'm obsessing over motorized bike videos), and the guy had the same issues with motor alignment, AND he put a smaller chainwheel on his bike too. So handicapped people aren't the only ones dealing with this low-power issue. He fixed his alignment problem by welding a mount to his frame, which is not an option for me, as I am descended from a long line of non welders.

    I'll post updates when there are any.

    JVROOM Member

    I had the same problem, and thought I had it fixed only to have the chain derailed which damaged the engine drive sprocket. After a lot of monkeying around, I did two things that helped. I installed a maniac sprocket adapter, piston bike parts, and I took a small round file and dressed up the engine drive sprocket. There may quite poorly and cause the chain stick some as it is rolling off of the sprocket. Hope this helps, John
  8. geebt48cc

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    Hey there Je,

    I'm sure you have it going now? Listen, I can't tell you how importan it is to really keep that chain lubed. Every time you take bike out, you should give it one good run of spray chain lube. It will stretch quite a bit, and then it will slow down, while working better. Hey, it's very easy to get put out with these little china toys, but there will soon be a time where it will make you proud. Uno, when you come back after riding a good 10 miles, and everything is still in the right place...... as before you left!!!!!!!~