My First Build "Chelsea" Almost Finished!

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  1. All that's left is find a gas tank I like, install a jackshaft, wire the lights, then paint.

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  2. Another pic

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    Very cool, ABF! Looks very "turn-of-the-century." That's a big beast of a four-stroke...what is it?
  4. Thanks! I'm trying to follow the idea of a BTR or old 1917 Harley/ Indian. Despite how it looks, it's not very heavy. So that motor should push it good :D

    It's an old Tecumseh T-35 153cc 3.5 hp.
    Not exacly "legal", but it should be some fun xD It's been my uncles since the late 80's, was on a tiller. Then it was on a Go-Kart, and now it's on this thing! Despite the bad reviews on Tecumseh, this one has ran strong for years. The Carb is the pickiest I've seen, and I did replace all the gaskets.
    I plan to run it to a jackshaft then the 5-speed cassette in the back, we'll see how that works
  5. Updated! Painted it! :D

    I painted the frame Maui Blue and the fenders White

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  6. More Progress

    A little more progress on the looks :D Yesterday was Chelsea's one year of being built :'D It's been fun!
    First thing tomorrow I'm hooking up the front Coaster Brake
  7. Front Coaster brake

    Here's pretty much the idea for the front coaster brake, out in the shop working on it now, will post pics of it here soon.

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  8. Front Coaster Brake

    It works! These were taken right before I added a spring to disengage the brake. But the brake works excellent!

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  9. The coaster brake has so much braking and leverage, it lifts the front suspension up xD haha, I'ma have to fix that somehow, I'm loosing braking. Hopefully the added weight of the gas tank will help. We shall see
  10. Wanted to show off my Mud Flap I made xP I love the tiny details in projects like these

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  11. Badges

    I used the Laser Engraver again today and cut out the Veineas logo. These will be painted and epoxied to the gas tank. Had some free time, so went ahead and cut em. You can also see part of the Chelsea stencil. Think that font would look good on this bike?

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    You're 17 and have access to a laser engraver, very cool!I'm usually only jealous of people older than myself.It looks great BTW.
  13. Haha yes, i'm fortunate to have access to A mig, tig and smaw welder, CNC Milling machine, CNC Lathe, and a Laser Cutter. Along with other shop equipment. If not, I probably wouldn't be so inclined to build this! Haha
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  14. Me and Chelsea, completely repaired from the hail damage

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