My first build; continued.

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  1. Yeahuawarrior

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    This has been a running project for 5 months now and it is done...well probably not. But it's pretty spiffy and I'm stoked on it. Try and guess what is going on here hehe:)

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  2. jhammondcpa

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    I was very excited when I found your bike. I started mine without seeing any other bikes with 3 inch Kenda Flames. Your bike gave me the confidence to get it done. I did build and modify the motor mounts and switched to a 40t billet rear gear and #41 chain and "Z" intake manifold, but otherwise it is a "Fito Modena GT One" out of the box sans fenders and a standard China motor. I still have a minor chain clearance issue but I may have that solved with wheel adjustments and another washer. I put 2 miles on it Sunday and it was blast. It looks like your gear and rear hub and motor head are different and it always looks great! Thanks for your new pictures and for checking me out!!
  3. Yeahuawarrior

    Yeahuawarrior New Member

    Awesome man! Your build looks clean and it is great that you took on the challenge. These bikes are awesome, they look mean and heavy duty but are lightweight. In my opinion the tires make the while bike come together. Congrats:)
  4. jhammondcpa

    jhammondcpa Active Member

    The tires def make the bike look like a real machine! Your project and Bzura's kept me going!
  5. wheelbender6

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    I dig the Springer Nanner seat.
  6. troublesome_7q

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    I'd make a reinforcing bracket for that expansion chamber. The extra weight of the heat wrap + vibration will snap it in no time.

    I've chopped my expansion chamber(same as yours) in 1/2 and re-welded it to remove the baffles and muffler. Made a huge difference. Really shows how cheaply made these **** motorcycle parts are. The problem is, you gotta get it to work.

    See how you go.

    Bikes a pearler also mate.

  7. dougangle

    dougangle New Member

    engine from bike berry

    everyone should check engines from bike berry they sent me a smaller engine than i orderd anyone else have this problem?????????
  8. jhammondcpa

    jhammondcpa Active Member

    I have a rubber mount on the back side under the seat and the front end is a flex joint with a spring attachment. I'll watch that carefully during my break-in period.
  9. typtohe

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    how low does your seat get? I'm trying to get a laid back but AS LOW as possible lean on mine.