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    Hey all. As some of you know I'm new here. Bought a 66cc HT for $75 Thought what a deal. I've since decided on donor bike bike 017.jpg Whoops!! wrong one that's my quality control inspector, this is the donor bike 012.jpg A Norco BushPilot Couldn't tell you how old it is but she's in great shape. I'm really considering a more conservative build nothing to wild. So I'll be removing no more than 1mm off the head, with an extended intake and exhaust, and a quality Performance CDI and Coil.
    If anyone has any concerns or I have forgotten anything please let me know. I do however have one question, does anyone have an idea what diameter of pipe to use for the intake and exhaust extension's as I would like to fab my own. Thanks' for the input and advice in advance. ... ... D

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    First Build First Happy Time Issues

    Okay so yesterday I decided to start the build. Started by going over the kit and I know why I got it so cheap. Seems the throttle return spring is missing and throttle cable inlet is broken. Now I can work around the broken plastic bit, but that return spring, dang. What to do about that one. Next I detailed the engine, black header paint, removed and had the head shaved 1mm no issue there. removed head studs no prob, on to the mount studs and number one snaps on me. Know I get the HT reference, you guys are clever. Any ideas on a work around for the return spring issue or do I need to replace the entire throttle assembly? >>> some post detailing engine pigs >>>

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    I like your inspector. - Will he/she get to ride?
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    Keep lettingvus know your progress.
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    What return spring?
    There is a spring in the clutch plate, a big heat spring on the outside of the clutch cable for by the cylinder, and the totally useless skinny spring between the clutch arm and cable stop.

    All that does is make your clutch harder to pull and be glad it's gone.
    It's actually a bit of joke around the forums like the 'one bolt drill the frame' front mount.

    In short, not everything you get in a kit should be used.
    Some things in it should be scorned and destroyed, some upgraded, but they are a cheap base so worth playing with.