My first build is running well.

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by gottarideabike, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. I have made my first motored bike, thanks everybody for being so helpfull, All I have to do now is cosmetics on the bike. Heres the link to my pics.

    removed cause it doesnt work

    Yes, the back tire is smaller, its the only way the chain will clear the tire.
    I will have to change the front one to match, and i will change the front forks to support brakes
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  2. mickey

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    Facebook needs a login to view. Can you post a pic here?
  3. Sorry about that, Ill try again.







    hope this works, ive never posted pics yet.
  4. I think Im going to cut the seatpost and put the seat down as far as it will go, that would look cool.
  5. Hah, really cool. What kind of frame is that? Suspension looks like it makes for a comfy ride too.
  6. mickey

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  7. Well, those forks are not shocks, they are solid and cromed from top to bottom, I think there made to support the 3" wide tires that came with the bike. Unfortunatly the chain would not clear the tire so I had to change it, I will replace the front fork with shocks, and mount some brakes. Ill sell the pair of 3" kenda flames on e-bay. The frame is made by sharkfire and supports 24" tires, so this bike really haules a** going uphill.
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    Looks like the engine is a good fit in that frame. Cool.
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    Nice bike, its a shame about the tires though :(
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    Neat bike. Is that a schwinn stingray?
  11. No, its a sharkfire, I found it at a discount store for 200 bucks. The strange thing about it is the dropouts on the front forks, there are 6 different places to mount the front tire to change the steering performance. I might change the forks to mount brakes tho, Im thinking springer forks might work if I put a 26" tire on the front. I dont know If that will look silly, But its worth a try.
  12. It only makes a little difference but did you try inverting that rear sprocket to clear the fat tire?
    It's a shame cause those fat tires make the bike.
    But the engine makes it teh fly.
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  13. The sproket that came with the kit was flat, the tire I put on the bike was 1.75 inches wide and it clears the chain by only 1/4 inch. If I had dished sprocket I still dont think the tire would clear. Its a shame but I havent regreted the purchase yet, although I wont be building another bike with 24" tires. The bike sure climbs well though.
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    I also have the Sharkfire, 26". I bought the REDMAX motor from a friend but haven't installed it. Mines belt drive and did pull the rear tire off, belt will touch, 3" tire. I just ordered a kenda flame 2.125 from ebay. I know it's not as wide, but hope it has a little height. Oh, I was riding the bike without the motor last summer, that bike coasts forever! All aluminum frame, plus those tires...

    Oh, I cut my seat post down too, was way to big for me before!

    Did you say yours is a 24"?
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    Good looking ride man.:grin:
  16. Hey sorry I havent posted for a while,
    Yes Im riding on 24" tires, I just put a computer on my bike 3 days ago to grab some specs. The engine isnt quite broken in yet, but my sprocket is a little too big for my wheel but going fast would make me a heat score as these bikes are not legal here in B.C. and electric bikes or scooters are only allowed to go 32KMP. So anyways here are some of the recent specs,
    max speed recorded- 48.5KMP after the motor is well warmed up and maxed
    steep up hill climb-38KMP no probs
    nice crusing speed- 25KMP
    I do think that a smaller sprocket will be nice for keeping the bike quieter, although I would be very tempted to go a bit faster.
    I think that the high engine revs and accute vibrations would have a physcological effect making one think there going at a dangerous speed, so if If I installed a smaller sprocket, I might have a tendency to cruise at a higher speed. How fast would any of you guys think of cruising without anything but coaster brakes?
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    I would see about installing a hub brake on that front tire. You are going to need some extra stopping power. Also, it is possible to clear a 3" wide tire, but alot of work. Cool bike, have fun!!
  18. Ahhhhhhhh, the new bike stopped running, no spark or something. it was running great then it just cut out. I wonder if it has somthing to do with riding it in the rain. Im searching the forum for ideas. what a bummer
  19. I just finished painting the engine too, the bbq paint sure bonded nicely and can take the heat. right now my poor bike is just a good looking yard ornament. :(:(:(