My first build Jet 80 on a Schwinn Landmark

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by Smallblock, May 15, 2009.

  1. Smallblock

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    Got both my PK Jet 80 from zoom cycles and My Schwinn landmark dropped off by ups today.
    Plans are to drop the seat down and back along with a different style handlebar.
    I'll post more pics as I go.

    After a few minutes I got this far. (which more or lest was a test fit)

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  2. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    Looking good....

    I'm not familiar with the Landmark, but it's clearly a good bike for this use.

    I'll bet it'll be fun to ride.
  3. May I suggest a flat plat mounted with bolts through your was front mount stud holes then a muffler clamp w/saddle(1 1/2") on top inbetween the flat stock(plate) and the frame with the Ubolt of the muffler clamp coming up to go around the frame then up through the saddle then throung the flat plate then nut the two ends after they are pounded up through. Best drilless method I've used.
  4. Smallblock

    Smallblock New Member

    I think the Landmark is similar to the Point Beach,but without the aluminum frame,fenders and rack.

    That's kinda what I got planned. I saw in one post where a guy slid some rubber hose over the "U" of the clamp to protect the frame and help with a little bit of viberation.
  5. motoschwinn

    motoschwinn Guest

    Looks good so far, I like the color of the bike. Hope you plan on matching the tank to the frame. Will make a nice build!
  6. kitcarguy

    kitcarguy Member

    It looks like added a larger seat would make it pop. For some reason the seat just looks to small to me.
  7. Smallblock

    Smallblock New Member

    Yeah, gonna paint the tank metallic copper to match. In the process of making a front motor mount right now.
  8. Smallblock

    Smallblock New Member

    Here's how far I made it today..
    Pretty much just mock up. Got the front mount made with a muffler clamp and seems to work well.
    Gotta figure out how to tame all those cables too.:confused:

    Just how does the rear sproket install?
    I was going by installation.htm
    and that shows the spokes sandwitched between the 2 rubbers and it seems to want to distort the spokes when mounted.
    The manual that came with my kit shows the spokes between the gear and the 2 rubbers stacked apon one another.

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  9. s_beaudry

    s_beaudry Member

    Trial and error in mounting the rear sprocket...

    You may have to use both, or may only use one, all depends on the allignment of the front and rear sprocket.
  10. fm2200

    fm2200 Member

    Smallblock You mention the cables, the worst thing you can do is restrict them by clamping them to the frame and other parts of the bike. In motorcycle racing I learned the cables should have very little bending for the sake of a better look. The less resistance the better, if you tie them with sharp bends then you will have more friction and more stress on the cable ends where there connected. Try not to make tight turns or bends when routing any cable.
  11. birddog1148

    birddog1148 Member

    Just got me the same bike today!
  12. snyder561

    snyder561 New Member

    same bike

    i have an 80cc skyhawk on the same exact bike same color too.
  13. Smallblock

    Smallblock New Member

    I haven't messed with this thing for a good while now. I just kinda lost interest after running about a 1/2 tank though it. lol
    It mysteriously started wanting to run so i drained the fuel and parked it for about 9 months. Well yesterday I pulled it out, dusted it off,poured some fresh fuel in and it fire right up. Did a few laps around the block and got weird stares from the new neighbor across the alley who has a Harley.

    I'm deep in the process of getting a divorce so I'll have plenty of time to mess with this thing again.

    Edit: WOW a couple more days will be a year since I started this project.
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  14. birddog1148

    birddog1148 Member

    Ya will have more $$ when you get divorced, I did:rolleyes7: