My first build micargi cruiser

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    I just finished my first build, I used a micargi general bike and a skyhawk engine. I did quite a few modifications to the build such as disc brakes front and rear, custom chain tensioner, clutch cable roller, larger fuel tank, and custom front motor mount. My dad and I built this together, we had to widen the frame in the rear to accomodate the wider cassete hub used to mount the disc brake with a top hat adapter for the sprocket, had to make a front motor mount to fit the micargi frame, and built caliper mounts on the rear and front forks. It was a fun project and even more fun cruising around on it. Here is a link to the photos of the build.

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    Glad to have you with us. Look forward to seeing more post from you. Make pictures and videos so we can see what Nevada is like.
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    I am not able to see your pics either from your link. You will definitely get more responses when the pics are visible.
    I use photobucket too. I go to the individual pic on photobucket and copy the IMG link (There is a choice of four types of links to copy).
    Pasting the IMG link into our thread allows us to view the pic without clicking on the link.
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    Just came back to see if you had gotten photos posted and am glad I did. You did a great job.