my first build, mountain bike frame

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    i set off buying my engine one late night on the internet, then it finally came and i started hacking my bike up to get er on. ive hit forty with the stock 10/44 sprockets, getting a new back one soon for more torque off road. she does 25 and up off road easy and loves to pop wheelies up slight inclines.
    2014-06-18 18.56.36.jpg 2014-06-05 13.40.50.jpg
    shes not finished yet because i still have to weld up the frame/ gas tank and get a new idler pully because the origional fell off while i was doing 38 the other night on a speed test.
    aftermarkit mods are a k&n filter, dual boost bottles, nitrous, 4000 luman headlights/ flashlights, 6 light mounts for the total 5k luman front end and coming this week a 3 inch rear tire.
    any words of advice and helpfull tips with getting the most i can out of this little 80 cc would be mutch apreciated.

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    Wow. That is not an easy bike to motorize with an in-frame kit. Definitely unique.