My first build (schwinn stingray)!

Hey guys, I posted a thread on the general section of this website talking about my bike and giving a link to watch a video I put together for it. Let me know what you think of it! I also am going to paint it black with red graphics this winter when it's too cold to ride! :cool:



nice build here is mine

I like the straight bars but that must bring you very low over the tank....

Speaking of tanks is yours like pedaling a tank when you pedal it. mine is lol

I also like your tensioner...


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hey there nice build....looks pretty well put together....

im starting my own stringray build as well...i also saw that slideshow you posted as well, and im going to try to make a mount similar to the one you made for this bike...

luckily (and also unluckily) for me it never gets too cold to ride down here in south florida....though sometimes it gets too hot to even want to go outside....