My first build (to be named later)

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  1. Bigfootzz

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    Hello everyone! I have been following the site for the last few months and have recently started building a bike with my 6 year old son as a fun project.

    I started with a Road Master Bike I got on Craig's List for 20 bucks.


    The first thing I did was to buy new 1" EMT tubing to extend the frame from 22" from seat post to next to 30" giving me an extra 8" of room.

    20150202_120412.jpg 20150202_122255.jpg

    List of goodies:

    New Handle Bars

    20150124_142043.jpg 20150124_142050.jpg

    New Springer Front Fork


  2. dougsr.874

    dougsr.874 Active Member

    Is EMT tubing strong enough for a bike frame????
  3. Bigfootzz

    Bigfootzz New Member

    It should be, I've seen how tos with people using it before. I may put a straight bar in once I get a motor for added support I want to make sure everything fits before I do.
  4. Bigfootzz

    Bigfootzz New Member

    I had the new pipes wield on the frame and now I have to sand it down a bit to smooth it out. I also test fitted the Springer front end.

  5. Bigfootzz

    Bigfootzz New Member

    Minor update:

    I finally got a set of 26 in rims that I have installed 12g spokes on.

    I also got a really nice seat and a set of fenders (that I will be buffing up so they aren't flimsy)

    Once I have the frame all done I will paint it then order a motor.

  6. Timbone

    Timbone Active Member

    I like how you lengthened the frame. Most motorbikes seem to employ a drop loop on the bottom, but your simpler design will yield its own unique style. I think the extreme flattish downtube will persuade you to make some cool customizations. Look to KC's posts regarding motor mounts as a basis. Use thick metal and the thickest hardware that you can fit.

    Did you weld the EMT tubing? TIG? MIG?

    Thanks and good luck!

  7. Bigfootzz

    Bigfootzz New Member

    Thanks Timbone for the feed back. I used a Tig welder for it.

    Originally I thought about making a boardtrack racer but I decided to keep the frame "original" look of the bike.

    I have a buddy that does milling work so hopefully he will be able to help me make some odds and ends as I need them.