My first build

This bike is actually meant for my wife. I'm building mine as we speak. It won't be as pretty since it will be built from parts scrounged from other bikes.

They're both Dax 50 cc models. The first one has lived up to my best hopes. This is fun. And gasoline is getting close to $3.50 so we're sure to get our money's worth.


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I can't get anything past the eagle-eyes here, can I? :)

You're right. There is a bit of interference. A small tap as the pedal passes the muffler. I need to grind off a bit of the crank end.
It is amazing how observant everyone is. Saves us all a lot of heart ache.
Here's Dax's instructions for pipe bending
"STEP 13. Install exhaust pipe. If you need to bend the pipe some so it will not hit the frame or bolts, clamp the pipe into wood blocks and bend. Do NOT bend exhaust mounted to engine. If you do..You will not bend the exhaust, you will break the motor!! Exhaust
pipe is very strong. Much stronger than the 2 mounting studs on the motor."

Adding a little heat to the pipe wouldn't hurt to help bend either. With the muffler that close to your foot, the rubber you will be burning won't be from your tires.:eek::D
Have fun
It's a great looking ride!Good Job
I'd like to throw something here. It doesn't appear you have a front brake,although I could be mistaken. And then you have the tensioner on the pedal end which does make sense but I worry about panic stops. When you reverse your pedal for your coaster brake then suddenly your life is depending on the integrity of that tensioner for now that tensioner is taking up the braking force from your chain. Also,if that tensioner fails while braking then suddenly you have no brakes.
It looks like you also have a tensioner on the engine side. With that I would eliminate the pedal side and bring up the engine side only because of the danger of you losing your brakes.

Other than that,that's a pretty bike for that engine.
You're right. There is no front brake. Yet. That'll happen soon, probably today.
And, no there is no tensioner on the engine side. That was the camera angle. Seeing across to the tensioner on the bike chain. No tensioner on engine makes for much easier starting. And the tensioner on the bike chain seems to be wearing well. Definitely far less stress than when it is on engine chain.
I really like that trailer. I bought a kiddy trailer at Craigslist for 25 bucks. I really didn't think she knew what this thing is really worth.
I like that you can mount your trailer on your left side seeing you don't have a tensioner there. I switched my trailer arm to the right for better clearance.