My first build!

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    Hello every one my name is Daniel and this is my first motor bike build.

    It took me about 8 hrs, a drill press for the back sprocket to get it to fit around the rear hub, and some dedication to feed the chain through the engine sprocket(if thats what its called?) i had to really force it and that took like 2 hours. It was a great learning experience though i actually feel like i know something about a engine now even if its only a 80 cc.

    It was really fun for about 2 days until i fried the magneto coil. I forgot to wrap the ground wire in electrical tap so it wouldn't touch the hot muffler when riding and guess what that's exactly what happened. It took about 4 hrs to figure it out, luckily my roommate has the same engine so if anything goes wrong we can just switch out parts until we solve the problems. Now im just waiting till friday to get my coil in so i can go rage it around town again.

    After then engine is fully broken in im going to order a 36 tooth speed sprocket and a helmet haha, a new carb from spooky tooth, and a hairpin saddle eventually i love how classy they look. So ill keep the progress posted.

    well enjoy

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