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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by forgetmenot, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. forgetmenot

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    Hi guys
    im so green at this,and a little lost.
    im thinking about going with the 40cc Tanaka PureFire 2-Stroke, but i would like to put it on a folding frame bike. do u think this would work or be to much power for a bike that folds down? and if not what folding bike would u all recommend.

  2. masterx1234

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    do you have a link to a picture of your bike? id go with a friction drive system from staton if your gonna use a folding bike
  3. forgetmenot

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    ahh so thats what a friction drive is. i was wondering what that was.
    1. why would u say friction drive for folding bikes.
    2. could i go to a smaller folding bike than the 20'' to 26" like they suggest for the PureFire 2-Stroke?
    i was thinking about a Dahon folding bike they have a few on amazon i was looking at.
  4. katoomer

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    A friction drive is very simplistic, uncomplicated, and probably won't need as much "adjustment or alingnment as other more complicated drive systems. On a folding bike that possibly would be a good feature and a good choice. There are trade offs to each type of drive. The main disadvantage of the friction is in heavy water riding. They can slip.

    My first engine kit was a friction drive. It was a stanton. It had the bearings on one side only back in the early days. I modified it for quick removal. I removed the hinge and replaced it with a giant pin. I could remove the whole kit in about 15 seconds. I then put that in the side box of the truck.

    Later one day. I accidently left it there when I switched trucks ( slip-seated ). By the time I found out someone had chucked my highly custumized Kawasaki TD-48 in the dumster never to be seen again !:icon_cry:
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    I wouldn't reccomend the smaller Dahon's. Because if your a trucker riding somewhere. We see a lot of chuck holes and often you will have to ride along the very rough edges of the pavement to avoid the high speed and often reckless drivers car traffic. These smaller wheels get very unstable at the higher cruise speed you might like to run. It gets pretty frustrating when you want to go 5 miles or more and you have to run slower due to rough pavement, or gravel or whatever. You have to pay closer attention to the holes, when you are running smaller wheels on your bike. For a while back before kids and pocked bikes were around. I bought a Go-Ped big foot and run it on the road. I'm an adult and the cops seen me alot on the road and never bothered me then. Probably couldn't do that today. But anyhow, I had an letter to my girlfriend to mail out. ( my wife today ). I got going on my big foot to the post office. THey have something like 10" wheels. A split second mistake of not seeing a pothole. My front tire went it and I instantly went over the handle bars on asphalt going about 12 mph. Body slammed on asphalt at 12mph hurts real bad. Right in the middle of the street. I was wearing shorts and my knee was dripping with blood. WHen I got up I noticed a cop was parked over to the side and witnessd the whole wipe out. I got up quickly and limped to the shoulder of the road dragging my go-ped with me. THe cop then pulled away. I was glad he went on but I was in some real pain for a while. I strongly feel a regular bike hitting that hole would not have caused a wipe out due to the large 26 wheel would have spanned the hole better.
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    thanks for the good info. i think i will go with the friction drive. i like simple and easy and folding it up and down i need simple. katoomer u make a good point ill have to check out what wheel size i want to go with, im thinking 20 to 26''