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    This is my first build. Boy did i go through alot of trial and error. My first recomendation for anyone wanting to build a bike is, if you buy one of the kits, is to pretty much scrap everything but the motor.The motor is the 58cc Phantom edition I found almost everything is quickly prone to falure or just sub-par. So i started replacing it all with the best i could find availible. From JNMotors came the Jagure ignition and performance carb, Boost Bottle, From Sick Bike Parts- the black expansion chamber exhaust. From Manic Mechanic came the hub adapter. Pirate cycle 44 tooth sprocket. a D.I.D. ER 415 chain with a sealed bearing gear chain tensioner. And the bike is a 29" Genesis. i also installed the wide cranks and old school bear trap pedals which help keep your feet on the pedals when you hit a bump at 35mph!
    I have really ejoyed putting it together, Im almost bummed cuz getting it right was half the fun, but now watching heads turns and the compliments is pretty cool. I would highly recomend motorbiking to anyone.
    I almost forgot- I also would like to thank everyone that has helped with my need for info and great help on this forum.
    Ride Happy
    Ride Safe

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    Cool. Did you make the part that turns the air cleaner 90 deg or does SBP sell one?
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    Actually it was another trial and error thing. The low pro air cleaner that came with performance carb wouldnt fit cuz of the tight space so i ordered the the one from sbp and that one did not fit the carb so took apart the original and mated it to the 90 degree one and that worked. Yeah.
    Thanks for checking it out
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    Looks like you used all the "right" parts and you found out how cheaply made some of the kit parts really are.
    The forst thign to do is to scrap every nut, bolt and washer that comes with these kits, and make sure you use blue loc-tite on every nut & bolt.
    That bike is a wal mart bike isn't it?
    I saw one of those at wal mart the other day and they put the forks on backwards!

    In my opinion, it looks like your exhaust is pretty close to the ground, but it may be an optical illusion because i know that bike has quite a bit of ground clearance.
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    Yes it is a wal-mart bike. it is actually a good bike for the money. I looked at alot of bikes and found it to be the best deal. the tires that came with it were to wide so i replaced them with 1.65 continental road tires. The bike will do 35mph and is totally stable and solid feeling. the exhaust must just be illusion the bike is leaning and in grass so it might look that way.
    Thanks for looking