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    Thats a great looking bike! Good choice.
  3. SO the tubes on my bicycle are to large for the mounts that came with the engine. I am looking into alternate mounts for both tubes. I order two alternate mounts from the eBay. The Photo is of the mount. If anyone would like to give me a better idea. I am open to all comments.

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    Personally I don't like that kind of mount. I feel it will have the tendency to rotate on the tubes. Although here is a fix for engine torque.
    <a href=";current=user8886_pic6910_1274796642.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Torque bracket, Either a long 6mm bolt or all thread, Top blue arrow is the inside of the clutch case, red arrow as a piece of a 90 deg bracket, and the lower blue line is where the bracket will rest. This will stop the engine from turning on the tube. I have had that problem on a few builds. Since I only torque to 50 inch pounds, this will stop it."></a>
    Here are some ideas for mounts. Mounting/
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  5. Thank you Al.Fisherman. That is a huge help.
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    I had the same problem with large tubes. I made my own using a flat plate on the motor side and an auto muffler clamp around the tube and thru the flat plate. The clamp can go above or below the plate which would extend above or below the motor mount. Good grief doe that make any sense? I'll try to post a picture.
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    flat plate. holes drilled appropriately.

    welded or brazed permanently to frame.

    the best and most permanent solution.

    everything thing else slips, dents, or is simply a compromise.

    reduces vibration too.
  8. If I had access to a welder. That is the way I would rather go.
  9. The more I read about this the more I think I may invest in a welder. I have not welded since high school. Any one know of a good site to brush up on stick welding?
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    stick welding is not the way to go with a bicycle.
    you can do A LOT more with a wire feed welder in my opinion.
  11. good to know.
  12. It is very sad. I look at the different piles of bike laying around. The frame of the bike just out side my door. The tires and wheels crammed behind one of my old computers. The two stroke sitting on my little work bench next to another old computer I should have fixed last month. Today I am going to work on the bike is all that keeps running in the back of my head.:cool2:
  13. I think I should clarify this. I have not touched a welder since the 1980's:-/
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    yeah i did the same thing. I took welding classes in high school (in the 80's) but I also welded things on and off through the years. the key to wire feed welding is the speed of the wire.
    you want to hear what sounds like bacon sizzling while welding. a nice steady sizzle.
    once you play with it a little while, if you have any idea at all of how to weld, you'll get it. wire feed's are easy to use.
  15. thanks. I have been watching youtube videos for tips on it. got to wait till next week to start playing with it.
  16. it seems that I can not post pictures right now........
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    flux core wire is horrible unless you invest in hi-quality stuff. spend cheap, expect cheap.

    it needs slightly faster wire feed than solid.

    it usually always runs "reverse" polarity or positive work,neg electrode.

    a standard MIG runs neg work, pos wire. it does make a difference!

    you can weld bicycles with a stick welder, gotta be gooood :) not only at starting and holding an arc at low currents, but by being able to usually do fancy "all position" pipe welds. you get paid lots if you master that! and get tickets... :(

    practise! practise! practise! learn what a good weld actually its laid, and how it looks when finished. the rest is just practise and finally...well judged guessing :)

    use 2 rolls of wire just fiddling! better to buy big rolls and rewind your lil baby spools in the long run.

    once mastered...its a joy! then you need other equipment to make bits to stick together!
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    and a leather hat helps ;)