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  1. flotsamm

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    Noob here.. So I started with a Kent Siesta Key 7-spd that I got off of Craigslist for 75 bucks. Stripped it down from its ugly stock paint job with lame stickers and painted her black. Bought a springer fork, 7-spd thumb shifter and a few other items from Amazon and slapped her together. Later I added homemade layed back seat post and upgraded the air filter. The stock chain tensioner was giving me **** so I ended up making my own. I didnt like how the tensioner would get sucked into the spokes so I made this one where theres no chance of that happening. Kinda crude looking but it works. Here's some pics.. comments are welcomed. Next up I'm thinking of maybe a front disc brake or expansion pipe... not sure.

    Chain tensioner..





    Thanks for looking!

  2. x0xmartyx0x

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    Those drag bars are killer man. I like the low profile. I havent quite started my first build yet, I'm strapping a whizzer motor to a huffy frame, then doing some fancy stuff to the rims, hubs... got an internal throttle kit ande some 1" bars... little bit of my own work... any issues along the way?
  3. flotsamm

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    Thanks man, picked up the bars for 3 bucks at a swap meet. Sounds like you got your work cut out for you lol. For me, the only real issue that gave me the biggest grief was getting the chain slack right. The chain would go from tight to loose even though I had the sprocket as centered as possible. The stock spark plug sucked, started leaking from the middle.. weird.
  4. x0xmartyx0x

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    Well now I feel like an idiot... I bought all my stuff new at my local harley shop... hahahahahaha.... the internal throttle matches up with the bars perfectly, as it was built for harley applications (internal width of the bars and all.... ) Part of the learning curve right? lol A big thing to me is keeping as much off of the handlebars as I can. Now that I take a second look, that tensioner doesn't look like its part of any kit... you make that yourself?
  5. x0xmartyx0x

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    oh wait... you said you did in ur post.... duh... lol
  6. flotsamm

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    lol yea.. after it got sucked into the spokes I came up with this design. Kinda crude looking but not bad for my first go at it.
  7. militaryman

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    Could you give some details as to how you made the tensioner? Looks like a simple yet effective option.

    Did you need any special tools or is it a series of brackets that can be bought (hoping)

  8. flotsamm

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    Sure thing.. for the tensioner, its a real simple design, but required some welding for the one I made. You could do it without welding as well though. Just take some 3/4" flat bar stock and do this:


    I used some 1-3/4" u-bolts from my local hw store. Then to get the chain alignment right I just added washers to top and bottom bolts of the swing arm until it was good.
  9. flotsamm

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    Got my speedometer today. Grinded down the sides of the mount and sandwiched it into the stem. Cant wait to test it out...




  10. militaryman

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    Thanks for taking the time to give us the tensioner details!
    Speedometer looks great!
  11. flotsamm

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    Well the analog speedo didnt work out that well. Kept sticking at 20mph then would erratically jump to 35+ and bounce all over. Ended up removing and an installing a wired Bell F20 speedo I got from Target for 15 bucks. So far so good. I also decided to lower the front end today, basically cut the springer spring in half.. seems to work just as well as the stock spring but with a nicer lowered look :) If you plan to do this mod make sure you cut the spring to match your weight.. :)



    I left 4 full coils installed...

    Next up.. a DIY exhaust system. I'm thinking about making a homemade glasspack but not sure it since it might be too loud.
  12. flotsamm

    flotsamm New Member

    Installed a front disc brake today. Bought a couple of 12g free-wheel wheels to replace the stock 14g ones and a disc brake adapter from Best upgrade so far! The braking improvement is WAY better then I anticipated. Restored my braking confidence for sure. Anyway, made a prototype bracket for now, might make another version now that its working great. Here's some pics..

    prototype bracket:

    painted and installed:

  13. flotsamm

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    Inspired by another moderator and his design, I took the day off of work and fixed up my exhaust... used 3/4" EMT and the stock muffler. Not bad for 20 bucks in pipe and a little work. Still need to sand it more and paint it up. Performance wise it seems to have a small torque increase and smoothed out the acceleration to WOT.

    Test fit:

    Grinded down welds...

    Installed but unpainted:

    Side shot: