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  1. Samdallas214

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    After a week of rain starting the day I got my BB 4 stroke kit.
    Now I need to name her, what is a good name for her

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  2. Ludwig II

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    Dry Baby?
  3. Samdallas214

    Samdallas214 Member

    Love it when I get 3 names I will put them up for a vote.
  4. Linkzell

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    I will be doing my new build on an Admiral this Christmas. Fair warning! change the stock tires! i run over some glass just riding as a norm. bike and blew the tube right out. While changing the tube, i found the tires way, way to thin. Need less to say, I did not trust them going over 5-15mph. With this being your 1st build, I would upgrade to some 700cm all terrain tires. You will thank yourself in the long run.
  5. Samdallas214

    Samdallas214 Member

    Linzell Yes I agree that's why I'm ordering 2 of the Schwinn 700c Comfort/Hybrid Tire With Kevlar Around $20.00 each.
    But first I will order 2 of the Schwinn 700c Self Sealing Bike Tube for around $15.00 each both off ebay.
    I also want to get a 12v headlight/tail light kit witch I have one of those rechargeable jump start/air compressor/12v power supply that I'm going to use for the battery and free air to boot. I learned years ago to alway have a extra tub.
    I also want to give it a good paint job with that clear coating that makes the entire bicycle reflective regardless of the color of the bicycle .
    Would love to do it all at once but I only have so much a month I can spend so I gave no choice but to do a little at a time.

    The tires and tubs will be the first to be replaced until I can replace the tires I got then piece of sheet metal that I bent in the shape of the tire and the put it in between the tub and the inside of the tire seems to work OK so far no flats but very temporary. thanks for your imput.