My first build!

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by x9a3k, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. x9a3k

    x9a3k New Member

    Here are some photo's of my first build.
    The engine is the 66cc grubee skyhawk from
    I just finished it yesterday and it runs like a charm.
    11472_388113991298817_1483409510_n.jpg 1026138_388113907965492_116192941_o.jpg 1039827_388114004632149_1920559370_o.jpg 1040359_388113901298826_1779572039_o.jpg 1040471_388113994632150_907503650_o.jpg

  2. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    A fine looking machine. Nice job.
  3. Gary Player

    Gary Player New Member

    I live in Winnipeg also and your bike looks like a clean build.
  4. alfredart

    alfredart Member

    Looks good. Glad I'm not the only one who took the Skyhawk sticker off the motor. LOL. You might want to put an inline fuel filter on that just to be safe.
  5. x9a3k

    x9a3k New Member

    Thanks Blue Goat & Gary!

    It's to damn cold and I'm itching to get this thing running again. Sadly close to the end of the season everything went wrong. Fuel shutoff valve/filter snapped, exhaust went flying off and got run over on pembina, the 4l tank I had split down the centre, and the bolts holding the engine block in place snapped leaving nothing sticking out. This spring I plan on ordering in a "Fancy Poo Poo Exhaust Pipe" from a new 4l tank, and some fenders. Hopefully I'll get it running. I'll likely order a whole new set of parts just so I have spares on hand and don't have to wait for shipping again.
  6. TREK820

    TREK820 New Member

    That is a very nice bike! Wow, i don't usually like the design of others build as its not to my taste but that is a very nice build.
  7. x9a3k

    x9a3k New Member

    Thanks Trek820, I've got a bunch of parts in the garage and a free day ahead of me tomorrow. It's warmed up here in Winnipeg and I saw someone riding a skyhawk build yesterday.
    I've got new disk breaks for the front tire as it was just vbrakes
    A new clutch system to replace the handle with a button
    A couple of fenders
    A new full sized exhaust pipe
    A new 4l tank
    Some neon LED lights for the tires and back for night riding
    And I've got a bunch of tuning up to do including getting the engine block remounted and more secure, cleaning out the carb, and building a new harness for the gas tank.

    Pictures to follow!