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    Omg it was terrible I used a tensioner it went into spokes tossed me over the handle bars etc., I did not give up I read posts on here did not ask questions just read...... today I was able to bend my frame clear the chain and ride for like a half hour. This was great, now I have bent spokes bent rim and the knowledge to start over take my time and do it right. Please get this I am 50 years old 275lbs and I wanna pull my crippled dog in a trailer on this build. With your help this will be done. Thanks for all the info you fine people have posted, you may not hear from me but you still helped me

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    Welcome to the forum. Sorry about the rough start. Many members have built trailers that can be towed by a motorbike. Just use the advanced search window on this site.
    Here is a little trailer I made from some kick scooters. I hauled a 5 gallon gas can on it.
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    thank you

    thanks alot