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    Well, after thinking about it on and off for a couple years, my dad and I saw a pretty slick looking two-stroke motorbike for sale at the prepper's convention in Prescott, AZ a couple months ago. Said I, "That's pretty neat, but if I were going to make one..." A little more than a month after that, I had finished this.
    DSCN8036.jpg DSCN7950.jpg
    Schwinn seven speed beach cruiser with a 49cc 4-stroke from and a Sick Bike Parts shift kit.
    Seen in one of the pictures without the muffler, which got bent and installed later that day. She runs beautifully, but needs new brake pads (the stock ones on the bike were old and hard, and therefore crummy and very loud,) a new chain, and different gearing, methinks maybe the rear cassette from Sick Bike Parts. Even so, I seldom need to pedal except when going up the steepest hills. My intention is to keep it at school a little less than a hundred miles away by country roads, so in case I ever have to get home in what they call a 'SHTF' scenario I will be less impeded by infrastructure collapse. Also, of course, for many funs to be had with such a marvelous little ride. Does anyone else use a motorbike as a worst-case-scenario bug-out vehicle?

    Many thanks to all you goodly forumites for the excellent help knowingly and unknowingly provided.