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  1. Randall

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    26 Inch Firmstrong Urban. I have a Sunlite Bullet front light on the way. Will be getting the performance carb and exhaust on payday. It is a work in progress as I am not quite done with it. For anyone questioning the legal side of operating these, I know there are laws in place but please keep in mind: Any loss harm or injury? No? No claim. Cop or otherwise. Check out the success stories link at top of page.



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  2. Frankfort MB's

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    Clean looking bike, like the vintage looking speedo. Is it accurate?
  3. Randall

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    Thanks. The speedo bounces around a lot so no accuracy there. Not sure why it does that.

    EDIT: I know why it bounces. Vibration of 2 stroker.
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  4. Hello Moto!

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    I like the Firmstrong bikes. I really like the chrome urban man. The black rock would make an interesting MB.

    Your bike looks great! Can't go wrong with black.
  5. Nanonevol

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    One reviewer said the Firmstrong makes a "bad-ass" motorized bicycle. Is there any such thing?
  6. Randall

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  7. Clean build, but I never had any love for 2suckers, and I say that when my preferred MB supplier likes 2suckers.
  8. Randall

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  9. Randall

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  10. Randall,
    Last week I purchased a 79cc Predator for $99 + tax. If it dies I just buy another one and am still money ahead versus Chinese Whizzer engine. I am using a analog speedo in my Huffy Davidson 49cc 4 stroke and it functions flawlessly.
    The only thing I did do was extend the tab with a bit of plastic tube to engage the spokes better.
    Tom from Rubicon
  11. Randall

    Randall Active Member

    Good for you. No prejudice about the predator engines, they're great. The thing I like about the whizzer engine, it's narrow.

    Well my analog speedometer is completely engaged in the spokes and I noticed when I am stationary and rev the engine the needle bounces so that is the reason for my inaccuracy. Ordered the anti-vibration mounts. Maybe it will cure it.


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