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    Hi Everyone.
    I am getting ready to start building my first motorized bike. It is an old Gary Fisher mountain bike. It has been collecting dust for the past several months. Could someone recomend a good seat? Are seats with springs a good idea on a mountain bike or would the original seat do?
    I have been reading about the different motors and decided to make my first build a 2 stroke so I just ordered a Dax 65 cc today. I would eventually like to get a 4 stroke but it seams there are still some bugs to work out of them as far as gear boxed and such and I would like to educate myself on them a little more before I spring for one.
    I have been reading alot these past few days since I registered on this chat group but would appreciate any tips or advice about building.
    Thanks Doug
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  2. This is a GT TEQUESTA beleive it or not it was a Pink Mans Bike I picked up for $5 from my Sisters neighbor. 1500 Miles on it.

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  3. Till the wheels Fall off....
  4. 2 strokes arent Environmentally safe as say the Robins/Subaru but Hella fun and Reliable.