My first day on a motorized bike

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jacks_bike, Oct 28, 2010.

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    Hi - after 2 weeks of tinkering and macguyvering I finally got to fire up the 80cc kit I bought off ebay from a canadian seller. Did some research here the last few days and found lots of valuable info. - My first trip down the hill was a little scary... ha. Lots of fumbling - finally just wound up coasting down - got to the bottom of the hill and noticed th back sprocket was a little off kilter. - So retightened everything - lots of little things to recheck..had to readjust the clutch cable.... for next test just went down the driveway - figured didnt wanna bust my skull on the road like the dead cat I passed by.... it fired up for bout 10 feet... did it again got 15 feet and died.. did it again this time kept peddling... seems to be the secret is keep peddling.. well my pedal armed came off in the grass somewhere cause I had to use a spacre to keep from hitting the engine... so put another nut on.. looks like thats my next problem to work on.... patched the pedal up by wrenching on an undersized nut... temp fix... down driveway again and started cruising around the yard --- have 3 acres in rural oklahoma. No I'm havin fun... so the ol lady comes out to watch the fun... she wants one now... ha. Anyways looks like I have to work on the idle and the pedal system... pretty fun project... Looks like I'll be making the back acre and a half into some dirt track this fall. Pretty exciting day and still more problems to iron out but definately pretty cool... Jack

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    first day on bike

    ... he's hooked... no hope... SEND PICS!!!
    the Old Sgt.
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    this is my first day on my bike too and im having problems with the choke/idle measurements...the throttle is really sensitive and when i go to stop and pull the clutch in the engine continues to accelerate and rev really high, any ideas to fix this hopefully minor problem??