My first ebike kit vs my Radrunner.

Nov 2, 2018
Simple 21 speed Giant hybrid Craigslist $50 score. With a 500 watt 36 volt front hub(I think voltimart) from Amazon ordered in the winter for $189 including shipping .Battery is a tube mounting 36 volt 12??amp.I think it was @ $280. So basically about $500 into the bike. This spring we ordered a Radrunner with back seat cushion and center storage compartment runs a 750 watt bafang rear hub with single speed chain drive . Delivered in about 5 and 6 days from purchase date 👍👍👍(the accessories came a day earlier but the 2nd truck carrying the bike couldn't get rest of way here because of a rolled over semi.) Anyway cost slightly under $1500 with accessories.
So how the Rad beats the home made. Climbs hills much easier, carries 2 people. Easy on the back (if you seat on the rear seat front seat is hard but feels natural to slide back on to being partially on the rear seat more I am 6' 3/4" ...32”inseam...) very responsive imo on the pedal response. Power setting 3 seems the sweet spot to me for average riding (4th and especially 5th are very fun. 1 and 2 are weak but enough to get rolling with). Only a super man though wants to pedal this bike up a large hill on less than power level 3. The 4" wide tires are where it's at for this bike for me. They have powered through deep sand, deep pine needles, pinecones, dirt and rough patchy paved roads. Tires seem to handle it all and smooth out the ride. So very fun off road in semi groomed areas. Also at level 5 this bike much faster than the 500 watt bike on the take off. And estically I like it more than the comfort hybrid (with it's accessories).

Where the DIY bike beats Radrunner. Price. No comparison here, Radrunner is an amazing deal don't get me wrong, it's a great bike for the money not many ebike companies that deliver straight to your door can compete with Rad. But 500 is 1/3rd the price and that isn't the only thing that it wins at. Top speed with that 21 gears and 500 watts on 2.75 by 26in wheels is much faster. My wife smoked me on the top end she never smokes me in a bike race😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣. This thing is still a bike first I didn't install the cadence sensor. Looked very cheap and the hand twist throttle is easy enough when you want power. Bike is noticable heavier than without the kit but it is still very manageable without firing up the engine. I wouldn't want to pedal a half mile up a hill, but could you yes. And it is waaaayyyyy easier than the Rad with no power to pedal. The take off isn't as fast as the rad off the throttle like I said but the lighter weight and gears make it much faster on the long flat straight (@28mph while pedaling vs about and @ 23mph on the Rad.)