my first engine kit?

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  1. rylekyans

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    Hi guys, I've never built a MB before but from reading all about it I'm really interested. I was wondering what the best priced 80cc kit for a first time builder would be? Also, I live in CA, whats he deal with engines not being allowed to be shipped to us?

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  3. rylekyans

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    ya i want to go frame mounted, I;m looking for a beach cruiser as of now, then I'm gunna grab a kit off ebay. What tools do i need for my project?
  4. Mountainman

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    for now just the basic tools

    for now just the basic tools -- plus chain tool possibly

    although some of these kits require some more specialized tools

    but -- you won't know what's exactly needed until you get into it

    if your kit comes with the standard chain tensioner -- you may wish to buy better

    ride that THING
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    If at all possible, I'd rec. trying to find a 7 speed. I'd say it is worth $50 more in the long run.

    Coaster brakes sometimes become an issue on wet pavement, and hand brakes, front and back give a peace of mind.

    Then there is the hill climbing difference, having those sprocket options.
  6. biken stins

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    About your tools. You will need a set of metric wrenches. A socket set is helpful. Allen wrench set. Screw driver, phillips and flat tip. Pliers, wire cuter. Good ones.
    Metric wrenches from 8mm to 17mm needed for most.the 15mm & 17mm needed for bike. If you are in a pinch get 2 wrench sets at dollar store. find a 14mm. Cresent wrench, vise grips, adjustable pliers, and the screw drivers, allen wrench. Get locktite. Most kits come with a spak plug wrench and clutch removal tool.
    Basic tools. might think of find a way to cary them on your ride.
    A good chain tool is worth the money. You can use the file and punch method though.
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    After just building my first mb I found that a dremel came in handy a lot
  8. rylekyans

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    ya Im considering pickin up a dremel but which kind should i go for? Im a broke college kid so even if theres a cheap knockoff that gets the job done thats fine. How hard are they to use? Im guessing im going to need to widen the center hole of my sprocket for my coaster brake, but its still in the mail till thursday.

    Any and all suggestions is appreciated
  9. biken stins

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    Always get the best tools you can afford.
    Dremel is the Name and tool.
    There is a knock off light weight grinding tool at Harbor Freight I would not mess with.
    There are garage, estate sales,even auctions.
    If you see one and don't have enough green ask to work some off. Old folk can use a hand sometimes and are willing to barter.
    A good file will enlarge the center also. Which ever way you use take your time. It may come off quick and easy but its real hard to glue it back in place. good luck
  10. bamabikeguy

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    Pawn shops and flea markets are a good source for power tools, even a large assortment of drimel bits at a flea market is half the cost of a hardware store.

    To do srdavo's metal chopper, I picked up a power saw for $20 at a pawn shop, same thing when I burned out my cheapie Black and Decker drill for all the motor mounting modifications, I got a $100+++ heavy duty drill for about $30.

    Another source is the MANY clever retirees who piddle around in the back yard, who would have the table vises and grinders necessary to get you up and running. You could find a backyard mechanic in the lawn mower/small engine repair biz to "mentor a poor college student".

    When you start riding, you are going to start talking to a lot of strangers about your ride, you could get a jump start on the conversation by just venturing out and asking around.

    You don't have your location in your profile, but I'd bet there is a forum member within a half hour of you.
  11. rylekyans

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    Thanks for all the info you guys, if anyone is in Humboldt county hit me up, I would love some help from someone who knows what theyre doing...
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    What city and state ?
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