My first FD bike. Honda GX35 on my 29er.

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by bikejock, Jan 3, 2016.

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    I got the Honda GX35 on my Giant Mountain bike this weekend. Man It wasn't easy getting this thing on there to fit right. Had to do some jerry rigging. I used some spare parts I had to move the support brackets away from the disk brake clappers. The clappers barely miss the support brackets. I also had some issues fitting it on the left side because of how wide the stays on my bike were so I had to improvise there. Everything seems to fit OK this way. I had to re-work a few things because the other way I had the support brackets mounted before was interfering with my rear derailleur shifting cable & rear brake cable. Might paint the engine cover black to mach my bike.


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    How does it drive with the motor hanging off one side?
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    It drives just fine. The Honda GX35 is a pretty light weight engine. I hardly notice the weight of the engine even in pedal mode with the mount rased above my rear tire. My clutch bell got worn due to my engine being mounted on unevenly & I gotta replace the clutch on the engine as well.

    I was really hoping to break in my engine before any problems like that happen. The problem happened about halfway into my engine break in period. Other than that problem which was caused installation error on my part it's a sturdy, fairly lightweight kit.
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    Hi Bikejock. Nice bike u have there. I gace a similar problem with my beach cruiser. Cannot get tge rolker in central position. Any ideas would be appreciated. Mog. 20160324_212540.jpg
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    Hey, Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I'd just replace the whole mount if you can get a new mount with the roller & clutch bell installed with it from where ever you got yours. I have to get a new mount for mine as my clutch drum is not aligned properly to my engine & I cant remove the bell. I'm going to have to get a new mounting kit less the engine from Staton Inc. because they don't sell their mounts with roller & clutch bell separably. Eh, it would be good to have spare kit parts for my bike anyway plus the FDR mounting kit without an engine from Staton Inc. is only $130. Judging by the looks of yours it seems like your kit is (no offence) a Chinese knock off of the U.S. made Staton inc. kits I use which in my experience are very well made compared to the Chinese kits. The problem I had with my kit was something I didn't do right so it wasn't the kits fault, I just didn't have my engine bolted on evenly. Wont be making that mistake again.
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    I hope you got your FD centered now. If not you need to keep the front bracket loose until you have the channel centered over the wheel then you can tighten the bracket up. It looks like the bracket is not level causing the channel to be off center. I hope this helps and i tried to explain what i thought was the problem.
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    Thanks for your help mate l will try it on the weekend .