My first federal offense.



This is just me blowing off steam at our governmnet that nutures criminals and punishes goobers like me.
I have lived in the same house for 10 years and never ever never missed a waterbill payment. Got home from work last night and the water was off and locked with a zip tie. I did not know I had to call the police. I figured they had important criminal and public saftey stuff to take care of.
immediately paid my waterbill on line, called and left a voice mail at the water department office saying I apologise for my oversight, I have now paid and turned the water back on.
I get a call this morning letting me know that I committed a federal offense. The fine just got moved up to $50 as of 1/1/08 plus the $15 fee to turn the valve 1/2 a turn to the left.

I know it was my mistake and I'm mad at me plus I'm having to bury my grandmother today so I'm already upset. I just sick of the fact that I pay taxes to people who sit around thinking of ways to punish decent folk like me so they can get fines to pay for the medical care of child molesters in jail:censored:
They have so many laws that they can't catch people breaking so they get idiots like me who never ever have missed a payment in 10 years. So much for cutomer loyalty.

I'm done.


Story of my life my friend- A day late and a dollar short. I've hadn that same feeling in similar instances... Hang in there man, it'll pass and be but a faded memory like a bad dream. Go fer a ride, that helps me sometimes...:cool:


How is that a federal offense? Do you live on a reservation? :D or was that just hyperbole? I get my water from the city.


We have the same radiculous situation here so your not alone....beurocracy,geez.
Like uncle punk said "go for a ride"
Who knows,u might find some hard rubbish by the side of the road...that usually brightens-up my day. :)


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Jan 14, 2008
This is why I'm going to go live in the country and become a hillbilly.
Going to run threw fields of flowers naked and be free.
I'm so sick of rules and people ramming their so called good intentions down my troat.
Every where you turn now adays there's a revenuer with their hand out for money.
Past track records don't count, so why be good? What the use of doing things right any more.
I feel for you Bro.


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Nov 4, 2006
Sorry for the loss of your Grandmother. (hug your helps)

I'm a little unclear about your "crime".
did you snip the ziptie & turn your own water back on?

if that is the case...sheesh!!
You saved the water dept. the time & $$$$$ to come back and turn it on......Plus, you have to pay them more $$$.
What a scam!!!

you are not a criminal!!
you are not a goober, either....

hooligan.....maybe ;):p


It IS a federal offense to "Tamper with Government property" snipping a zip tie off the meter. Heck if they didn't want me to have water they should have padlocked it. I was framed I tell ya.
Kids and drove from Ft Worth (55* and sunny) to Sherman close to the TX/OK border for granny's funeral. 60 miles north and it was freezing and snowing and 40mph winds. She was born in 1916 when Pancho Villa invaded Texas and NM:eek:. I didn't cry till the drive home.:cry: It was as refreshing as a bike ride for a day like this. Told my mom I'd take her out and buy her some drinks LOL. She's babysat her parents for the last 5 years and now they are gone she deserves a lot.

I just hate being punished for a mistake when I pay my taxes and bills all on time and obey the law. I hate getting tickets just because I don't want to give the govenrnment any more of my hard earned cash. For the love of God I can't imagine calling 911 to get my water turned back on. It's just like sniper shooting. It's easier to hit the target standing still instead of the ones running away from the law(except OJ).
Thank you MBc for the Whitezone:cool: I appreciate everyone's friendship. I know this was trivial, but I rather unload here than on my kids.

Thanks again. It's Miller Time Cheers all

Thanks, Davo. We took a baloon for them to release that would float to Heaven for her and Granddaddy. I thought my folks were gonna loose it. :)
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Weird today. Neighbor rang my doorbell. It seems my plastic t thing on my water spout outside busted and I was spewing water everywhere. I could have sworn I had closed that tap down. So now I got a virtual swimming pool against my house. I hope it doesn't leak in my house.
That would make my day.'s good to have good neighbors,cause being in the basement I would have never still would be running right now.
So remember kiddies. Disconnect that garden hose.
Scott. Any way you can say you had an emergency,like you were getting pretty stinky foul or something and had to bathe?
The water company thinks they are the only ones that know about water pressure. That's the whole stink here. Aparently if you turn it on too fast you can bust some pipes. But you only turned it a little. You should have gotten only a warning. And the pipes you could have damaged would only have been your own.

And my condolences.