my first few days of wrenching

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    i have been super excited to get this thing togeather since i bought the "donor" bicycle 2 weeks ago, my motor came 2 days ago and i have been working on the assembly since. i am pretty sure that ill have to re-do my sproket mounting bolts since i put them on with the nut on the outside and ground them all off once tight..... in my eyes that was mechanic do it now excitement that will only pose a problem later down the road. (not to mention the fact that my sproket is pushing on my bearing cap because the center needs to be ground larger.... a do over is in order)

    fenders are coming off.... the back one has already been dispatched to the garage attic.

    can someone give me some pointers on the kit i selected to buy perhaps? its an all black 80cc frame mounted 2 stroke that looks like the ch or grubee starfires but its just the bone stock ebay one. i guess i dont really care anymore about gas and go but ive leaned towards the enthusiast side since id like to ride it 30 minutes to work almost every day reliabley. i am one of those believers that a 2 stroke will last forever if run right. the proof here is that i had an old 85 tri moto 3 wheeler that ran great for its first 3 gears and a at idle cruise in 4th with manwich-sloppy bottom end bearings. the thing was never opened and altho semi tacticly started would always go with a fresh sniff of pure gas down the cylinder and a push start followed by a talented feathering of the throttle to get the old reeds snappin'!

    i will be working on this first thing in the morning and ill load up a picture or two, i also will be bringing home a sandwich bag full of shot for my bars from work, its easily accessibble since we refurbish propane tanks and have a gigantic 8 paddled dual motored shot blaster cabinet..... yea i can scoop a bar fillings worth of shot off the shop floor before i sweep!

    i have seen pictures of chains with alot of slop in them is this proper so long as the teeth are all nice and smooth? ahhhhh sacrament i really should get to bed or else i wont get any wrench time on it in the morning before work!
    hope to make some buddies on here id like to learn as much as i can about the 2 stroke kits, i am a smoking enthusiast as you can tell by the tri moto story..... i also had a yamaha banshee running "real good" a few years ago and since im in school getting a diploma in small engine repair i might as well refine my tuning skills ;) have any of you ever heared of a guy named a. graham bell? he wrote two books one called 4 stroke performance tuning and the other 2 stroke performance tuning. both amazing books as far as formulas and measuring goes! dang im tired! haha goodnight folks, -dave

    (my pocketbike engine... cag under construction as well. the parking lot assasin im going to haul it with my mo-bike when its been run in real good :p )


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    any updates Dave?
  3. Mountainman

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    hey Dave -- good luck there with your MB project

    that engine looks nice -- hope that it runs like it looks

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    the MB is up and running and has had about 2L of gas through it, on the other hand, i messed up the timing turning a locked engine over with a wrench on the crank. when the nut tightened, the mag went with it putting it out a degree or two.

    mountainman, that engine has not even been started yet im waiting on a few other goodies for the bike but i can tell you that it is a 52cc big bore with a 140psi dome in it! the flywheel has also been lightened up a bit too. theres more to come there
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    this THING is going to haul the rear end fast !!!

    well -- regarding the timing -- yes -- we live and learn Dave
    it's a good THING

    I am wishing to keep an eye on this project of your's
    I am thinking about MB #2 and going for more power next time around

    this THING is going to haul the rear end mighty fast !!
    thinking that we are going to see many more such as your's around soon