My First Impressions (better late then never!)


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Mar 20, 2008
I started building my first bike several months ago but never really got the chance to really test the bike until now.

My bike has been finished for about a month now. And just as soon as I finished the bike (literally on the minute) I got a phone call saying my Dad was in very bad health. So I travelled to east Tennessee to take care of him. When I got there I had realized he was in worse shape than he was telling everyone. Two weeks later he was dead.

All of his affairs were put in order, accounts closed, apartment keys relenquished and all the loose ends were tied up. I drove back to middle Tennessee where I lived and my good 'ole motorized bicycle was still waiting on me to test her out. So for the last several days I have been putting the girl through her paces. I've been testing her out and pushing her to her limits to see what she'll take. Surpringly, these little happy time engines are very resilliant! It has been very durable and hard working. It's been a HOOT! pedaling around town on my motorized bicycle!

The funny thing about being back in my old hometown taking care of Dad was that I could have REALLY used my moto bicycle to get around town. I didn't have a car for most of the time I was back in town. My wife and I only have one car so I had to get back to Dad on a Greyhound bus. But drove back in a rental car. So just about the whole two weeks I was in town I was on foot. It would have been a joy being able to get around a heck of a lot faster on my moto bicycle rather than to have to practically run everywhere. I am not as young as I used to be!

Here are a few pics of the bike so far. Please forgive me for there not being an air filter cap on the carberator. The NT model was too fat to fit so I have just taken it off while I wait for the slimmer air intake cover to arrive in the mail. My bike isn't fancy at all. I have cut, drilled and beat on it to get it to fit on the frame. It's my first bike so this bike is going to be more utilitarian than any future bike I build.

She ain't the prettiest bike in the bunch but she gets me around like I need to. She's just my commuter bike for right now.

The response to people seeing my bike has been astounding! Everyone who sees my bike falls in love with it. Peopple swear that they're going to buy a bike off me all the time (though no one has set anying up as of yet.) Just last night a guy who works as a fabricator flipped his lid when he saw my bicycle. He just stood there for 20 straight minutes flipping out about how cool it was. Which always makes me feel very proud of my first ratty bike. Everyone her eon the site has been right: A motorized bicycle is a real head-turner!

The cops in town seem to be really cool with my bike. They all see I'm wearing a DOT-approved helmet and they leave me alone. They just smile and wave.

Immediately I realize three things I must have for my next build:

1. Disc brakes.

2. A clam shell adapter for the drive sprocket.

3. An upgraded chain tensioner. Dax has a really cool new Nylon roller with the bearing inside. It's a cheaper solution that seems to work a lot better than the stock tensioner. (I will have to experiment with knocking some links out of the chain again and shortening it again after the chain has had another chance to stretch for a second time.)
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