My First Joy Ride

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Rockspider99, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. Rockspider99

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    Greetings all, so I had been using the bike back and forth to work with very little issues other than the bike 4 stroking a little when no load is on the motor.
    I took a ride around the cape peninsula here in Cape Town, South Africa.
    Had some tools with for just in case.
    Total trip was around 65Km's, only failures was my Cateye Bike Computer and the Kill Switch (wire came loose just by the button). Nice flat Roads to cruise on and very steep Gradient of Redhill was handled fairly well even with 36 tooth Sproket with some light peddling to help it gain speed after sharp bend. Little motor is really enjoyable and ample power for myself being only 62Kg's / 136 pounds.
    Gave her a good twist on the throttle too and hit 65.7Km's/40.8Miles per hour though too be honest it felt a little too fast for my liking, cruising speed was good between 35 - 40 Km's
    Here are a couple of Pics, now I am looking for some locals to go for a longer ride with, start a MB biker gang and go terrorise the neighbourhood. :grin5:

    20140215_180720.jpg 20140215_174409.jpg 20140215_174534.jpg 20140215_175003.jpg

  2. darwin

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    Great looking bike! Why the tank on the rear instead of the top tube? Interesting and unique.
  3. Rockspider99

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    Just felt it fits better on the rack at the back. The frame is also quite short and I kept knocking my knee's on the tank. The brake cable etc also run over the top of the tube. Lastly petroleum smell is mostly behind me now.
    Just need to find a way to stop my spokes vibrating loose.
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    hi,greetings from Durban,i wanted to know where can i get perfomance parts like a 32 tooth sprocket or a better carb from?