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    I checked and adjusted my brakes before heading out for my errands today... I wonder if the pads are just wearing down too quickly because I have to adjust them often. I know the cable will stretch when the bike is brand new, but I've got at least 200 miles on it already, so the stretching should be done by now...

    Anyway-- the close call. I was nearly done with my errands, and I hit a patch of slow traffic. Along this stretch of road there was a bicycle lane, so I took to the bike lane (I was pacing traffic before, so stuck to the driving lanes). All of the sudden, a semi truck made a right turn into a blind driveway right in front of me (which is why traffic had slowed down). I squeezed my brakes for all I could, but they had already gotten soft again. I dragged my boots and I braced myself for having to go down, but he saw me and stopped in time, which is lucky because I couldn't.

    Check your brakes. Then check them again.

    So, while we are on this subject, can anyone recommend high quality brake pads for V brakes? I won't have the money to replace them until at least next week when I get paid, and there is no way I can afford the money for disc brakes for awhile... The brakes themselves grip well enough, but I think the pads are just wearing down too quickly.

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    The kool stop sammon brake pads are what I would use. Just google them. Make sure your cable is not slipping also. Even after the initial stretch in a new inner wire you will still get some more stretch over a period of time. You also loose braking power through the flex in the brake components and the frame. Adjustment is very import also.
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    I checked the site of a local bike shop, and those are the very ones I saw that I thought "I bet those are real nice!"

    When I went to readjust my brakes about an hour ago (along with just other basic checks) the pads are just wearing really quickly. The cable might also be stretching and slipping some, but I think the major culprit is the actual brake pad wear.
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