My first MB video

Discussion in 'Video Gallery' started by bluegoatwoods, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    I made a video for some family members. Those who are somewhat interested in bikes of this sort, but have never ridden one.

    This won't be a new experience for you folks here. But, what the heck? Maybe you'll enjoy it.

    And..just for fun.
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  2. LR Jerry

    LR Jerry Well-Known Member

    Not bad for a first video. Hope you got your tire fixed. The walk around was good. Very frustrating watching a video and you have no idea what the bike looks like. Good maneuvering job around the pot holes. Helmet cam worked good also. Wish you'd had a speedometer.

    Here is one thing I'm critical of. Videoing treating stop signs like yield signs. Yes I'm aware you wasn't going fast and traffic was clear. However many watch these videos from the impressionable to the powers that be. Let's not send a message that traffic laws don't apply to us.

    When I make riding videos I fully obey the traffic laws. I wouldn't want someone to get hurt or a ticket. Also I wouldn't want some politician using a video of mine to get laws passed banning our bikes.

    What you choose to do while riding is up to you. It's the videoing and posting on public media where my concerns are. Other than that great video.
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  3. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    What you're saying here actually did occur to me. After the fact, unfortunately.

    I don't suppose I'll give it too much worry since I don't expect this to be seen by very many people. But if I ever make a video again, I'll keep this in mind.

    And I actually went through some potholes there on purpose in order to try to demonstrate the bike's handling on rough ground. I don't think it was too effective, though. The narrow angle of the camera gives the ride a different "feel" than it has in real life.

    That's what made me think about the stop signs as a matter of fact. In the real world, most of my stops are of the "California Stop" variety. Not a good stop, admittedly. But pretty close to it.

    But on this video they looked like true 'blow throughs'. It kinda made me cringe.
  4. 2old2learn

    2old2learn Member

    I know people justify murder everyday and when riding my road bike with clip on pedal locks I've been known to pedal up to the stop sign with no one else there and come to a momentary stop and then pedal on through it without putting my foot down onto the pavement. Technically not a stop but do come to a total stop for a second or so. It's a bit tricky getting in and out of the clip on pedals for me to want to do it when no other vehicles are present. Kinda like running a 4 way stop sign in the desert when you can see for 5 miles in every direction. Should a been a 4 way yield sign!

    In Europe the police cars will honk at you to go at a stop light if there is no cross traffic. Always made sense to me since all these devices are for traffic control. No traffic, no need to control!
  5. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    For that matter, I kinda resent the fact that there are stop signs everywhere.

    (Though when driving, I really do come to a good stop. And often the car behind me gets mad over that!)

    I resent it because of the reason there are stop signs everywhere; the cars don't cooperate with each other.

    But now I'm in danger of going on an off-topic rant. One of the reasons I'm a serious bicyclist is because I just can't stand the auto traffic. And that problem could be cut in half, at least, if the drivers would just get over their selfishness, slow down a bit and give each other some room.

    Why in the world is driver's education not a mandatory four, or even six, year course in our public school curriculum? So much could be done with that.

    A stop sign on every corner in 25 mph residential neighborhoods? Ridiculous!
  6. LR Jerry

    LR Jerry Well-Known Member

    In Tennessee you aren't required to put your foot down at a stop sign but all forward momentum must completely stop. However it will surprise you as to how much these videos do get viewed.
  7. Slogger

    Slogger Member

    That is a nice video- sorry you got a flat, man. I hate flats because I can't walk very far anymore. Bum leg.
    The place I ride through is a crowded plat with lots of obstacles to avoid. I have black cats along the route, running helter skelter, it's not good.

    If I could hook my camera on my hat I could do this.
    I won't say anything about the stops, you've suffered enough for your iniquity.
    You speed demons are a hazard out there. :grin5:
  8. LR Jerry

    LR Jerry Well-Known Member

    Most of my streets are 25 mph. I can do 30 mph yet I still have idiots flying around me. Guess they're either going to or coming from their drug dealer.
  9. Leroybrown420

    Leroybrown420 Member

    I hate flats. Was out Monday on my MB and picked up the stick on the left. I had a patch kit and air pump but the tube was wasted and I was walking. PART_1434058209604_0611151428.jpg
  10. Slogger

    Slogger Member

    Dang, now a stick is another threat. Sorry to hear that, Leroy.
    I can't walk very far, hurts like the devil and the leg goes out. I put some heavy duty tubes and tuffy tire liners in mine trying to avoid the long slogs home.
    I can pedal it ok, but walking is a nightmare.
  11. Slogger

    Slogger Member

    The only good thing about my neighborhood is that they used Yield signs on every corner except the main drags. I can keep rolling most of the time.
    I need to bolt my camera to my hat and show ya'll sometime.
    (I'll probably have a flat, too.)
  12. 2old2learn

    2old2learn Member

    I'll bet most of us have that T-Shirt! And those who don't, their turn in the barrel will come.