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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by amiga65, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. amiga65

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    Have a few questions. I will be building My first MB soon, I hope. still in research stage and would like some suggestions. settled on 2-stroke frame mount area i live in is mostly flat any hills are gentle I don't need gobs of speed. I way about 185 pounds and will be useing a wall-mart or yard sale fat tire beach cruiser.

    now will 44t sprocket that comes with most kits be good for above?
    I don't want to ride a chain saw so is stock exaust quiet enough or?
    I would like to find manuals on replacing studs, bolts and enything else I have been reading about here plus a manual on electrical for lights turn signals etc.

    Thancks in advane for any help

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Sounds like a 44 tooth should be about the best combination of speed and torque for your weight.

    And the stock exhaust is not noisy at all. Surprisingly quiet.

    Have fun and good luck
  3. bamabikeguy

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    Even though you think you might keep the bike local, it won't take much excuse to start venturing out in the wilderness.

    From UnclePunk's experiences, we know Wyoming is "the vortex", could possibly swallow you up on a single speed.

    I'd recommend, since you haven't gotten a bike yet, trying to find a 7 speed cruiser. Schwinn's Jaguar and Pointe Beach are two low end models that give few, if any, hassles on the measurements.