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  1. lukazaz

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    inb4 google / search box

    I'm new to the forum, and I'm thinking of buying this bike link.
    I have never owned one and since I'm a cheap ******* and don't want to buy another car to go to work everyday (my wife keeps my minivan) I could use this moped(??) to go to work everyday

    Thing is.... is it a good one?
    Any motorbikes (put together yourself only, not a buy motor kit then a bike and then build) you could recommend?

    Also I know this sounds stupid but since I can easily get any type of oil or bottles or stuff (I'm a buyer)
    what is the best one I should buy for the first and always tank refills? this one from Mcmaster sounds good but I dunno <link:"">

    Also just asking what gear do you use? since there is kind of an offload access I could cut thou to get to work earlier I was thinking only head gear and gloves - I'm not thinking of going FAST... 15 mph at most?

  2. LR Jerry

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    With the kits you get what you're willing to pay for. There's 4 building philosophies:

    1) Buy a quality kit from the start.

    2) Buy a cheap kit then spend money upgrading it.

    3) Buy a cheap kit ride it till it quits the replace it with another cheap kit.

    4) Do a non kit build.
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  3. butterbean

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    Or don't buy a kit at all, but that costs more money. However, you are more likely to get far better reliability with a non-kit build.
  4. lukazaz

    lukazaz New Member

    I ended up buying the kit....

    LR Jerry
    I ended up buying this kit (this one "Grubee SkyHawk 4G T-Belt Drive V-Mount Kit, With HuaSheng 49cc Engine") it already shipped so I should get it by end of next week....

    seeing as other forums and people were saying the belt kit was a good option and the motor is good enough for someone not wanting/needing to race it looked good at the moment :|

    since as I already said... I AM THE CHEAPEST *******! only on my self not my family

    I heard I should get an additional oil filter for the 4 stage motor... any suggestions? I don't think I can just go to napa or autozone and ask for their cheapest oil filter and stick it the oil line

    also what oil should I use for a 4 stage motor? would the mcmaster oil I mentioned above (initial post) work? I got a hole case here T_T and its going in the trash in 2 weeks

    which should I get this cheap as bike
    or this one?

    I don't need speed or lots of confort I just need to ride it (using the motor) to work....
  5. keatonx

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    I've only done non-kit builds and that hasn't exactly been my experience:jester:

    But, if you build something like a basic friction drive with a weed eater engine, and do it properly it will be very reliable.

    Also you can make a weed eater bike for free or next to nothing
  6. wheelbender6

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    I like your philosophy, LR Jerry. Such wisdom can only come from the fervent busting of knuckles.
  7. butterbean

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    I built several kit bikes before going custom. While I can't say that the kits were COMPLETELY unreliable, I can't compare them to the reliability of my 98cc cruiser. The only problems I've had with my custom bike were all due to my own errors. And the engine has always started on the first or second pull.