My first motored bike



Here's pic.s of my first motored bike build.
It started it's life as a mid sixties Huffy middle weight that had the rear fender bobbed, a ballooner rear tire, no front fender with 26"X1 3/8" fork and wheel/tire set up, painted camoflauge, and a Zipper rack mount friction drive. I was told that the person my friend got it from used it to hunt rabbits up in the hills back east somewhere. It progressed to this 1963 Schwinn with an Island Hopper rack mount friction drive, cleveland welding "shockmaster" fork. heavy duty Dyno Kustom Kruiser wheels (.125" spokes), bars, and pedals. I found the Hercules tank on e-bay...
Oh! and I recently found out that the Hercules Moped fuel tank is 1 of 6 left known to exist...
My life was never the same after recieving that first bike, it totally changed my life.
Thanks for letting walk down my own personal 'Heritage Lane' for a few minutes...


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