My First Motored Crusier

This is the first bike I built for myself, but my second build overall... first one was a practice build for my gF.

I used a tower standoff for the front engine mount, front disc brake kit using rear freewheel, rear rim brake, LiveFast Sprocket Mount, drilled 33t sprocket, 90 bent springer, Large antique style springer seat, and single pull front/rear brake lever.

I really didn't want to use the stock tank, but I'm too lazy to build a rack mount for the rear tank I bought from Dax. After mounting the tank, it really didn't look too bad...kinda matched the lines of the bike. I used 1.5 pvc pipe clamps from home depot and painted them black. The pvc flexed perfectly to fit the oval top tube.


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Mar 22, 2008
Nice job, I would like to try that disk brake setup myself since im usung bent forks as well. Id love some tips if you got any to share on that set up.


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Feb 21, 2008
Dude, we live in the same city! I've seen your bike on Craigslist. A very sweet build. Good choice on accessories. Disc brakes are a must on those bigger engines.


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Jan 24, 2008
thanks guys...

knottsoljah, I purchased the disc caliper mount from choppersus and the freewheel disc adapter and disc as a kit from bicycledesigner...bought the caliper from them also. The only modification was to the bracket...there is a little key step that you have to cut flat. I used a bandsaw and flapdisc to smooth it out. Instillation was a no brainer... I just disassambled the springer fork at the bottom mount to get the width to install, then tightend everything up...very very user friendly kit and not bad for the money!!!!

fylerc1...yeah i have the bike up for sale... it's a little high :eek: but I'm using the funds to get a tube roller from eastwood co. I want to be like Iridecustoms :D and build my own stuff. I know I'm not going to sell it for anywhere close to what I'm asking, but just incase...


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Mar 22, 2008
so the free wheel disk adapter is used how? and which part is iton chopperus site?
so the freewheel disc adapter is which?
Disc Brake Rotor Converter
Choppers U.S. Billet Aluminum Spin On Disc Brake Rotor Mount for Converting Flip Flop Hubs to Freewheel/Disc Combo; CNC ... $19.99
Disc Brake Rtor Spin on Adpter
Quickspeed Billet Aluminum Spin On Disc Brake Rotor Mount Standard Disc Brake Rotors and Threads; CNC machined out of 60...
thanks for the help
i cant wait to get it all worked out, i was having such a time with slowing my bike down with no front brakes. gotts luv them bent springs ;)


Oh dude, how cool can you get! Im impresed, none conformust killer insect look. You will def have alot of questions asked of this build, I like it, super job!


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Jan 24, 2008
I initially bought the large hairpin seat for the way it looked, but riding over cobblestone and uneven pathways... I have new found respect for it. It literally feels like I have a rear suspension. I couldn't recommended it enough. Best and Cheapest place I found it is hiwheel dot com. The only issue I have with it is, the overwhelming smell of leather...hey, have to complain about something????

From the choppersus site I purchased the Disc Brake Bracket Billet for 22.99, and from BicycleDesigner it was part number 505202 "disk brake conversion kit - screws onto a 16", 20", 24", and 26" standard free wheel, disk diameter is 6.5" " and part number 505203 "Caliper for disc brakes"

The freewheel disc adapter spins on where the original rear sprocket was mounted. The Brake disc is mounted to the spin on adapter. I just bought the disc brake conversion kit from bicycledesigner because it already came with a disc and hardware...seems cheaper too...maybe I'm wrong..but I got tired of looking.

I purchased the freewheel from ebay:

front and rear black 26x1.75 wheels for $20+$20 shipping...probably cheaper somewhere else... but again, I got tired of looking.