My first motoredbike project, looking for some answers

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    Hello everyone

    My name is Dino and I am realy happy to be here

    I have already introdused myselfe so I hope you know me :)
    And I am about to start my 1st project!

    I need some advices to know if what I want to build is the right thing...

    So what i think to build is:

    Full suspension bike - I thought about Apollo kanion, have other suggestions?


    Sick Bike Parts Kit - So I will be able to use the full suspension bike, am I right?

    Starfire GT4\ Starfire GT5 Super Rat - Because I am in the UK, this is the only brand (as far as I know) that I have spare parts for here...
    Is it possible to make it go 55 mph? If it is, which one of those 2 is better and have more potential to be tuned?

    NuVinci cvt - Do you recommend it? if you do, witch type will be the best for me?

    Do you think it is a good combination?
    I will be realty happy for any advice...
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  2. BoltsMissing

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    Full Suspension Bike.
    Buy the engine kit first, get a tape measure and see what frame fits the engine.
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  4. RedBaronX

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    with the right hardware, upgrades, and tweaking, 55 mph IS possible. It is NOT recommended for duration riding. The wheels and tires are not designed for those kinds of speeds for duration riding, and stock bicycle brakes will wear out very quickly.
  5. greguk

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    Don't waste your time son - especial on 2 stroke. I had one - quality is rubbish.

    I don't know where you live but be prepared on Police passing cars and at least £1000 ticket for unregistered moped. 2 stroke are noticeable on streets by sound - get yourself quiet 4stroke - you will be ride with it more than repair.

    Get yourself REAR MOUNT FRICTION DRIVE from + Honda engine (and cover the engine by basket) - or if you really have to mini moto engine (but be prepared on vibrations which will split your frame and unscrew tires and etc and you will stay with junk and you will loose bike + engine). Don't waste your time - do it proper.

    If you want to do speeds get yourself motorbike - it cost you 2/3 - 1/2 price of this grubee china pot metal construction and its a motorbike.

    There is no other option than honda + friction drive for bicycles - rest is just pretending to have motorbike and tinkering instead of riding.

    You don't want to look on your bike like a chav don't you? What you will do when Police stop you and you will be on :poop: stinky 2stroke unregistered moped which unscrew itself from frame? You have to be silent and be prepared - it's not so easy. 100% they will get you when you start to ride with 55mph speeds. I would rather buy quality kill button first rather spend on tuning parts.
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    I would concur with greguk... to an extent.

    I would not buy a China kit.

    Save your money and buy a GEBE or Staton kit. 2-strokes are OK, so long as they're Japanese.

    greguk alludes that friction drive is better than chain drive, and that could be for some reasons. Chain drive can be fairly high maintenance, but I don't think GEBE belt-drive is quite the same.

    My first actual build that I design myself will be based around a Nuvinci hub or a GEBE kit. And I'll have to get thru both before I can die.
  7. greguk

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    There is no point to argue in situation when thing have to be done simple and light. Things have to be simple as chinese use to @#%$ up everything what cost less than $50. 2 strokes are great but fuel is much more expensive than was in 2000y.

    Anyway I know more English reality and... honesty - there are small legal reliable motorbikes for less than £1000 which full cost bike with GEBE or Staton kit will be £500. We live in western world - we can earn £1000 quite easily.

    Isn't better to prepare to buy this?

    I would move to USA (if I can) to mostly ride and build motorised bicycles.
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