my first motorized bicycle

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    I put a Staton 35cc Honda friction drive on my 1981 Schwinn Cruiser 5 and I call her the "Super Cruiser".
    The Staton product works perfect and with over 250 miles on her I haven't had a single problem with either the drive or engine.
    Adding the center stand was essential and after removing a retaining pin I was able to remove the arm from the captive kick-stand so it fit right where it belongs. Since the stock tank is only 24 oz. there's a 33 oz. MSR bottle in the saddle-bag.
    Living and riding near the beach in So Cal there's little problem with water bothering the friction drive. She's got the lowest geared drive (7/8"), pulls away well, and has to top speed of 22 mph. The throttle is turned to the inside and is controlled with the right thumb and heel of the hand. The Cat's Eye speedo keeps me well informed.
    Best of all she's street legal! (note the license plate below the engine on the left view.)
    Keep you feet on the pedals and the rubber side down.

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  2. mickey

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    That is really nice looking. A perfect boulevard bike.
  3. loquin

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    Nice job. Did you have to do anything special to get the saddle bag mounted?
  4. hot70cc

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    very nice looking cruiser, great job
  5. beast775

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    nice build

    great cruiser,looks store bought:grin:
  6. Jim H

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    Nice job motman; looks fine.
  7. lobsterboyx

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    im not normally a fan of rack mounts, but you pulled it off very well.

    great looking bike
  8. Dockspa1

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    Ya buddy! Looks great.
  9. Egor

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    I love the rear wheel, did the bike come that way? I need a good brake for my Schwinn. I like the look and the way you put the saddle bag on the left side. If you put one on the right no one would be able to tell how you were moving with-ought pedaling. LOL. Those Honda's are quiet. Advice, change the oil often. Have fun, Dave
  10. fetor56

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    You did a great job of that man,looks custom made.
    One question...why would u want to license it....doesn't that mean u just have to pay fees?
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    Thanks for all the positive feedback, fellow motorized bike riders!

    I know that without a motor between your legs it's not as exciting (nor does it have the "soul" of frame mounted engine, but this one does exactly what I want and need.

    Here's some answers to the questions that have been asked,

    The Staton rack has three holes in it for mounting the optional auxillary fuel tank (96 oz.) and I used those to put in hooks to tie on the saddlebag.

    The rear brake is the stock drum that came with the bike in 1981 and it looks better than it really works. I believe they were used before disc brakes by Schwinn to dissipate heat rather than stop on their heavier bikes. (I had a Schwinn Twinn Sport Tandem that also had one.)

    COSTCO sells Chevron Delo Heavy Duty motor oil in six, one gallon container cases for about $1.20/quart and I use and change it often in everything I run (three cars, 7.2 litre truck, 5 litre boat, and 35cc Staton Honda).

    I got the license plate (one time fee of $18 in Cal) so that it would be street legal. As shown on the "legislation pages" of this forum, it's much easier to get into the criminal legal system than it is to get out of it. (I practiced law for over 20 years and, for me, it makes more sense to comply with the law rather than challenge it in the strets; others may come to different conclusions depending upon their circumstances and inclinations.)

    My next project will be a frame mount to round out my stable. Maybe even a Whizzer.
  12. srdavo

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    very nice bike!!
    did it "come out' with the springer fork?

    thanks for the good the 18 bucks & ride free!!
    How true!!:rolleyes:
  13. mtbforlife

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    thats a nice bike, looks real smooth and fun to ride. good jub!!!
  14. twinkiex

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    ah now thats pretty!