My First Motorized Bike ( Friction Driven )

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    Here is my friction driven bike me and my dad built over the course of a week, all info can be found in the General Discussion Section under "Motorized Bike Build". The Engine is 30CC Ryobi Weed Wacker engine and it goes so well, about 25-30mph. The spindle is 1 1/4 inches in diameter and was made on the lathe by a friend of my dads. So here's the pics, enjoy!

    From Brendonv

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    cleanest looking friction bike I've seen nice build
  3. crabdance

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    Kool bike Brendon... bet you are having fun with it! Keep smiling!
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    Nice job.....looks beefy too. Like the low profile with the cylinder down.
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    Very nice! Looks stealthy, bet its still noisy though! Nice and clean looking build.
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    its not to bad, a little bit quieter than a moped. Its a very strong, nice looking build. XD
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    Watch out boys, This guys going to the emmys!!!! Great ,I mean GREAT JOB DUDE!!!!!!!
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    First Run!!!!

    haha, well i gave it a test run and it goes pretty good, i have to tune the High on the carby a bit more but it was a lil wet so the spindle was slipping so i didnt get it to top speed, with the spindle wet i got it to about 40km/h which is like 25mph so wen its dry it should go pretty darn quick I no ur not suppose to ride in the wet as it wrecks the tyre but my dad said if it stuffs up he will buy me a new one so im like ok and rode it haha. It sounds awesome and is such a cool feeling to ride around the place, like a mini motor bike.

    Here's the link to the video:


    From Brendon.v
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  9. Is the spindle fixed? ...Or can you raise and lower it?
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    u can raise and lower the mount but i never do. When i want to ride normally i take the spark plug out so its not hard to pedal.
  11. Standing applause! BRAVO!!

    That upside down head is freaking me out. I assume it has to be a 2 stroke for that to work.

    Man what a clean install. Just beautiful.
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    Weed wacker drive!!!! Who would a thunk???? Pretty cool!!!!!!!!